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Giramundo Coaching

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Mentorship Skills in Team Building and Entrepreneurial Education Culture, 5 ECTS 5              
Development work, 4 ECTS 4              
60 / 060 / 060 / 060 / 060 / 060 / 060 / 0

This program was designed for teachers from the Paraiba state education secretariat, who have already taken part in a teacher training in Finland previously, with focus on entrepreneurship education, team building and coaching skills. This training supports the teachers in developing the needed competences to coordinate the new disciplines created in Paraiba state education, as well as foment possible new ones as result of the development projects.
The program includes school visits, theoretical background study and hands-on methodologies and practices from Proakatemia. The participating teachers will be exposed to different coaching techniques, such as learning sessions and feedback, which goal is to promote a change from the teacher mindset into coaching.