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Team Coaching from Proakatemia Chile

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From Teacher to Coach
Innovation camp with students 3
Coaching and team learning as effective learning methods& Innovation development methods 3
Team Coaching Academy
Team coaches’ professional development 1
Facilitating autonomous teams 1
Coaching innovation processes 1
Current theories of team learning 1
Direct feedback, dialogue and culture of learning 1
Building trust, responsibility and ownership within teams 1
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From Teacher to Coach
In this intensive training participants get to know basic level theories and some practices about team coaching and team learning. They apply knowledge into practice by designing and producing innovation camp for the students. After the training participants understand the possibilities and various ways of using team coaching in teaching, can use basic team coaching tools in teaching and are able to organize and conduct innovation week independently.

Content During first week target group is teachers who will facilitate students’ innovation camp during the second week. Aim of the week is to get the idea of students’ innovation camp’s process, learn about different kind of agile design methods in innovation development (service design, design thinking and lean startup) and train team coaching methods and facilitating as a pedagogical methods to foster innovation creation among students.
• Finnovation – this is how we innovate
• Innovation camp – Learning by making together
• Innovation development methods
• Coaching and team learning as effective learning methods
Innovation camp for students
Second week’s aim is help students to work in teams and create new ideas and models for partner companies, and at the same time improve students’ innovation capabilities. Teacher-facilitators are facilitating the whole innovation process. Trainers from Finland will coach and support teacher-facilitators.
Innovation camp takes four to five days. All the participants (students and teacher-facilitators) should take part in the whole process.
• About innovation – teaming and innovation methods in practice
• Need - Assignments from the partners
• Let´s innovate- Innovation process step by step (service design, lean startup-methods)
• Pitching day – presentations of solutions and feedback from the partners
• Reflection with the teacher-facilitator