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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing, Sairaanhoitaja (AMK): 210 op
Sosiaali- ja terveysalan ammattikorkeakoulututkinto

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Helena Vesaluoma

Tutkintonimike ja tutkinnon taso

Bachelor of Health Care, EQF 6

Hakukelpoisuus ja hakeminen

General admission criteria, see TAMK’s websites.

Aiemmin hankitun osaamisen tunnustaminen

It is possible for students to have their prior competence recognised.
See TAMK’s credit transfer guidelines

Tutkintovaatimukset ja niitä koskevat säännöt

General qualifications for university of applied science required.

Tutkinnon profiili

The degree is a bachelor-level professional higher education degree.
The degree complies with the criteria set by the Finnish national degree system as well as with the European framework for degrees and other competence.
Ministry of Education and Culture

Tutkinnon keskeiset osaamistavoitteet ja vuositeemat

After the first year of studies student knows the basics of taking care of a sick person. He/she will follow the health legislations in his/her own work as well as the ethical guidelines of nursing. He/she will be able to recognise and predict health problems in both individuals and communities.
Student has learned to monitor a person’s vital functions and recognise what kind of treatment the patient needs. As a professional, he/she will know how to use various nursing methods safely. Student will already know pharmacotherapy and medical calculations. He/she is skilled in giving emergency first aid. Student will also has consideration for different cultures in nursing.
Intermediate studies
During intermediate studies student will develop your clinical expertise in the different fields of nursing. He/she will be able to define what kind of care various customers of different ages require. Student will plan, implement and carry out care with a customer and their families. He/she uses information from different sciences as a basis for your actions.He/she will guide and support customers in self-care in a natural manner.
Student will be fluent in working in a multiprofessional environment and looking after customers’ interest.He/she will be able to critically evaluate your own actions.
Third year studies
During the third year student will enhance his/her competence. He/she will choose a module which interests him/her from the optional professional studies (see Structure of studies). The scope of professional studies is 30 cr.
Student will be able to make ethically sound, evidence based decisions and work professionally. Student can take care of customers of different ages in his/her area of specialisation. He/she will also take the customer’s family into account as a part of the nursing process.
Student will be able to act as a primary nurse for a customer in all stages of the nursing process. He/She will already be able to develop nursing and your own actions. He /she will carry out a bachelor’s thesis project from a nursing area of his/her own choosing.

Sijoittuminen työelämään

Nurses work in various expert tasks which require either comprehensive or specialised skills. There are jobs in primary health care, special health care, social services as well as in private or third sector services both in Finland and abroad.


The degree gives eligibility for master’s degrees.

Opintosuoritukset ja niiden arviointi

Assessment of study performances is based on See arviointi
The detailed assessment criteria can be found in course implementation plans. The teaching and assessment methods are agreed on with students at the beginning of each course.


Completion of studies and achievement of competence objectives in the extent set by the curriculum.

Opintojen toteuttaminen

The scope of the degree programme is 210 credits. The average completion time is approximately 3,5 years. The studies are carried out as full-time studies using different learning methods.
The degree programme consists of the following parts: basic and professional studies, bachelor’s thesis, clinical training and optional professional studies.
The language of instruction is English. The studies may also be partially carried out in Finnish.

Tutkinnon kehittäminen

The Ministry of Education and Culture’ definitions of policy and TAMK’s strategy have been considered in the curriculum.