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Summer Studies 2022

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Kesän 2022 kesäopintotarjonta (not translated)





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NN00FY23 Learning Lab Summer 10 cr
IM00CQ11 Introduction to User Experience Design 3 cr
IM00FH58 Steps Towards My Career 3 cr
7H00FQ35 Digital supervisor coaching application - online course 5 cr
7K00EV92 Nursing in Outpatient Health Care 3 cr
7K00EV94 Orientation to Clinical Training: Nursing in Outpatient Health Care 1 cr
7K00CT91 Nursing Administration 2 cr
7K00FN22 Social and Health Care Service System 2 cr
NN00FA93 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 5 cr
NN00FQ15 Student Self-Leadership 1 cr
NN00FO12 Self Branding 1 cr
NN00FO10 Modern Digital Marketing 1 cr
NN00FO11 Modern Digital Selling 1 cr
NN00FQ17 Introduction to Futures Studies and Foresight 1 cr
NN00FQ19 Types of Futures Knowledge 1 cr
NN00FQ20 Futures Studies and Foresight Methods 1 cr
NN00FK98 Being a Sustainable Entrepreneur 1 cr
NN00FK98 Being a Sustainable Entrepreneur 1 cr
NN00FK99 Sustainable Business Modelling 1 cr
NN00FL00 Measuring the Impact of Your Actions 1 cr
2E00FH56 Basics of videography and video editing 5 cr
NN00FU45 Finding Balance In Student Life 3 cr
NN00FU47 Finding Balance In Student Life 3 cr
2022SUVI-1001 Campusonline-studies, summer 2022 0 cr
7S00EM58 Marginalisation and Social Policy 3 cr
7S00EL92 Basics of Research and Research Methods 5 cr
7S00EL82 Global and Multicultural Society 5 cr
7S00EL98 Management in the Work Community 5 cr
7S00EL86 Principles of Financial and Personnel Administration of Social Services 5 cr
7K00FO90 Basics of Genetic in Nursing 2 cr
7F00CT54 Health-enhancing Physical Activity for the Elderly 3 cr
7K00FS40 Sexuality of Cis female and other persons with vulva 5 cr
7B00FW70 Writing article on the grounds of literature review 5 cr
3E00EI98 Managing Cultural Diversity 5 cr
7S00EL94 Project Work Skills 3 cr
7R00FH14 Radiation Protection and X-ray Imaging 2 cr
NN00FX05 Ikaalinen Puistofilosofia - Civilisation and dialogical together thinking as a new creative stream 5 cr
5N00FH78 Mechanics 3 cr
5N00FH88 Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 4 cr
4A00FA68 Digitalization 3 cr
3B00FZ30 Intercultural Competence 5 cr