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Free Elective Studies, 2022





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5B00FM95 Accessibility of Built Environment 5 cr
5K00FU82 Am I a mechanical engineer? 2 cr
4A00DM18 Basics of Cyber Security 3 cr
7K00FO90 Basics of Genetic in Nursing 2 cr
NN00DJ07 Basics of Microsoft Office Word 3 cr
5S00DX90 Basics of Programming 3 cr
7F00FU76 Basics of the ICF Classification and GAS Method 3 cr
5P00DP67 Circular Economy / Pulping 3 cr
7K00DX19 Client-oriented Nursing Activities in Everyday Life 6 cr
7K00DX20 Clinical Nursing Methods 6 cr
N-00DH77 Cross-cultural Communication and Global Employability 3 cr
NN00CP23 Development of Leadership 6 cr
5N00EG74 Differential Calculus 3 cr
4A00DP69 Digitalization 3 cr
4A00FH71 E-marketing and commerce methods and tools 3 cr
5N00FH86 Electrostatics and Electric Circuits, Magnetism 3 cr
N-KV574 English Grammar and Writing 5 cr
5N00CZ50 Excel 2016 effective use 3 cr
NN00FU45 Finding Balance In Student Life 3 cr
NN00FU47 Finding Balance In Student Life 3 cr
7S00FH69 From gaps to inclusion 1 cr
7F00CE92 Health-enhancing Physical Activity 3 cr
7F00CT54 Health-enhancing Physical Activity for the Elderly 3 cr
V2600-10 Health Related Technology 5 cr
NN00FS28 How to Study at TAMK 2 cr
NN00CU60 Intercultural Experiences and Competences 2 cr
NN00FC85 Introduction to Finnish Society 2 cr
5T00EI32 Management of Building Systems Projects 3 cr
5N00FH78 Mechanics 3 cr
7F00FV93 MOOC Flexible Digital Transaction Services 2 cr
7F00FV92 MOOC The Basics of Knowledge Management 3 cr
8T00FO72 Multicultural Communication and Management 5 cr
7F00EX71 Nursing in Rehabilitation 3 cr
7K00ET55 Nursing of Sexual Violence Victim 5 cr
5N00EG71 Orientation for Engineering Mathematics 3 cr
5N00FH90 Oscillations and Wave Mechanics, Atom and Nuclear Physics 3 cr
NV00FM74 Paediatric Nursing English 3 cr
3H00DZ53 Personal Economic Management 5 cr
5K00BH16 PLM 3 cr
5S00EZ71 Principals of LabVIEW Programming 5 cr
NV00FM75 Professional English for Nursing and Health Care 3 cr
5G00CZ91 Project studies 15 cr
5S00CL04 Regulations of Electrical Installation 2 cr
5S00CL05 Research Methods 4 cr
7F00FH61 RoboSote, get excited about robotics in sote services 1 cr
5N00EZ75 Scientific Basis of Sustainable Development 5 cr
5N00EZ75 Scientific Basis of Sustainable Development 5 cr
7K00FS40 Sexuality of Cis female and other persons with vulva 5 cr
7F00EX84 Social and Health Care and Rehabilitation Environment 3 cr
7F00FH62 Sotedata, basics of recording in sote services 1 cr
5N00FH88 Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 4 cr
U003A-7 Trump Cards of the Working Life, Occupational Safety and Fire Working 2 cr
7K00FH60 Work Ergonomics 3 cr
NN00CC43 Working Life Proficiency 5 cr