Elective Studies and Other Studies ...

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Select according to specific criteria

3H00DZ73 Accounting and Financial Statements as a Reflector of Business 5 cr
NA00FV00 Ajattelu ja oppiminen (not translated) 5 cr
5O00EV62 Analytical Chemistry 2 cr
N-KV572 Basic English Grammar 3 cr
2X00FF86 Basics of acting and dance 3 cr
2X00FN00 Basics of acting and dance 2 cr
3H00FP61 Basics of Business Knowledge 5 cr
2X00FN01 Basics of conducting a choir or an ensemble 1 cr
2X00FW68 Basics of Digital Sound and Video 1 cr
5S00DX30 Basics of Logical Control 5 cr
5N00EI71 Basics of Measuring and Reporting 3 cr
2E00FH56 Basics of videography and video editing 5 cr
N-KV603 Basic Swedish Grammar 3 cr
7K00FC46 Customer-oriented Developing and Innovation 4 cr
NN00FB60 Data-driven Sales 5 cr
4A00FU07 Digitalization – Digital Evolution and Foresight 1 cr
4A00FU08 Digitalizing Society and Security 1 cr
1L00ET88 Educational Science and Basics of Education 5 cr
1L00ET92 Educational Science and Working Life 5 cr
5N00EI69 Electrostatics and Electric Circuits, Magnetism 3 cr
4A00FQ01 Elements of Cybersecurity 1 cr
5N00EG73 Functions and Matrices 3 cr
5R00CJ90 Geometrical Projections and Perspective Drawings 3 cr
5N00EG72 Geometry and Vector Algebra 3 cr
3H00DP18 Graphic Communication 5 cr
5R00FW28 Introduction to Housing Company Renovation Projects 3 cr
5K00DA09 Introduction to IoT -projects 1 cr
5N00FT81 Introduction to Laboratory Work of Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis 2 cr
5K00DM65 IT Basics and Systems 5 cr
NY00EK73 Knowledge Management 5 cr
5N00BC71 Mechanics 3 cr
7K00CM93 Nutrition and Health 2 cr
5N00EG71 Orientation for Engineering Mathematics 3 cr
5N00EI70 Oscillations and Wave Mechanics, Atom and Nuclear Physics 3 cr
7F00EV32 Physiotherapy for Children and Adolescents 1 cr 1 cr
5S00DX88 Programmable Control Systems 5 cr
7F00FQ37 Reforming services for employment and work capacity 5 cr
7K00FC36 Research Methods and Statistics 4 cr
7B00FJ14 Sampling and Client Service in Nursing 5 cr
1L00FK95 Starting Entrepreneurship 5 cr
7F00EV31 Therapeutic Exercises 1 cr 1 cr
7F00FI98 Therapeutic Exercises 1 cr 1 cr
5N00BO93 Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 4 cr
7F00EC92 User based Welfare Technology 3 cr
TK00FY65 Vocational Route Studies in TAMK 60 cr
7F00FQ38 Wide-ranging approach to employment and work capacity 5 cr