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Sustainable Entrepreneurship


Sustainable Entrepreneurship module is linked to the common learning outcome of Innovation at Tampere Universities. The entrepreneurship module provides students with capabilities to act as a sustainable entrepreneur or be an entrepreneurial minded actor across all sectors.





The module is designed to prepare you for entrepreneurship and provide you with an understanding of global challenges and the importance of development and innovation activities in addressing these challenges. Upon completion of the module, you will also have the ability to work effectively in a multidisciplinary team, think creatively and develop customer-oriented, sustainable and economically viable solutions that can potentially have a renewing role in working life.


Select according to specific criteria: 15 - 60 cr

Optionality information

These studies are applicable for all students within Tampere University. The module can form a minor (at least 15 cr).

Prerequisite description

Pre-requisite to the courses is interest to multidiciplinary teamwork and motivation to solve challenges.

NN00FA93 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 5 cr
NN00FH28 Sprint Innovation Festival 2 cr
NN00FD73 Innovation Challenges 5 cr
NN00EK62 Future Board Practices 5 cr
NN00FP47 Buiding an Entrepreneurial Portfolio 20 cr
NN00FP48 Go-to-Market Plan 5 cr
NN00FP50 From Idea to Startup 5 cr
24h yrittäjyyden verkko-opinnot
NN00FK98 Being a Sustainable Entrepreneur 1 cr
NN00FK99 Sustainable Business Modelling 1 cr
NN00FL00 Measuring the Impact of Your Actions 1 cr
NN00FO10 Modern Digital Marketing 1 cr
NN00FO11 Modern Digital Selling 1 cr
NN00FO12 Self Branding 1 cr
NN00FQ15 Student Self-Leadership 1 cr
NN00FQ16 Placehoder: Finance for entrepreneurs (not translated) 1 cr
NN00FQ17 Introduction to Futures Studies and Foresight 1 cr
NN00FQ18 Placehoder: Building a dream team (not translated) 1 cr
NN00FQ19 Types of Futures Knowledge 1 cr
NN00FQ20 Futures Studies and Foresight Methods 1 cr
NN00FQ21 Placehoder [topical theme C] (not translated) 1 cr
NN00FO34 Innovation Challenges (ECIU) 5 cr