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Old Free-Electives Studies, Language and Communication


Select according to specific criteria

NK-9 Advanced German 2 5 cr
N-00DE74 Ammattikorkeakouluopintoihin valmentava suomen kieli ja kirjoittaminen (not translated) 3 cr
C025A-10 Business Communication in Tourism 3 cr
N-00DH77 Cross-cultural Communication and Global Employability 3 cr
N-KV600G Discussion Course in German (not translated) 3 cr
NV00CT03 Finnish as a Foreign Language, writing Finnish 5 cr
N-KV566A German-Finnish Cultural Competence: Practical Training with Native Speakers 2 cr
V208-10 Germany as a Trade Partner and as a country of Trade Fairs 3 cr
NV00CC65 Hosting International Guests 1 cr
N-00DO80 Intercultural Project Communication and Finnish Language 1 cr
NV00CT06 Intercultural Project English for Professionals 2 cr
N-KV587CV Intermediate Russian 5 cr
NN00FG28 International Summer School: The Art of Public Speaking 3 cr
N-00DM16 Nopsa-ruotsi, moduuli 1 (not translated) 1 cr
N-00DM17 Nopsa-ruotsi, moduuli 2 (not translated) 1 cr
N-00EK85 Nopsa Swedish, Module 3 1 cr
NN00FG96 Nordic Network for Advancing Circular Economy Education 3 cr
NN00FG94 Phonetics in Practice 1 cr
N-KV568BB Prep Course in Swedish - online 3 cr
NN-7 Professional Russian 5 cr
NN00FG97 Svensk Kommunikation och Affärskultur (not translated) 3 cr
NV00CO18 Swedish Intensive Course 2 cr
R-006 Swedish Language and Communication, Spoken 2 cr
R-005 Swedish Language and Communication, Written 2 cr