Elective Studies and Other Studies ...



19Ykampus develops students entrepreneurial and innovation skills. This supports the evolving ways to work and emply oneself in the future.

The studies have been planned so that it builds a continuation from early phase innovation projects to deepen students knowledge on growth company challenges and internationalization. This can be complemented with 5cr courses to cover topics of special interest to student e.g. self leadership or future of board work.


Student develops his/ her capabilities to work as an entrepreneur and learns to use the similar mindset, understands the meaning of a global challenges and what role the innovation skills play in finding resolutions. He/ She can work in multidisciplinary team and seek customer oriented, sustainable and economical solutions.


Select 60 cr

NN00FA81 C-LAB 5 cr
NN00FG77 Future anticipation and the black swans 5 cr
NN00EK62 Future Executive Board Skills 5 cr
NN00FA80 InnoEvent 2 cr
NN00FD73 Innovation challenges 5 cr
NN00FA93 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 5 cr
NN00CZ98 Mentoring Program 5 cr
NN00DP87 Self-Leadership 5 cr
NN00CX59 Service Design 5 cr
NN00FH28 Sprint Innovation Festival 5 cr
NN00FA94 Startup Experience 5 cr
NN00FG74 Sustainable and Impact Club 2 cr
NN00FG75 Sustainable and impact Club: The Challenges 3 cr
NN00FB40 Y-Portfolio 10 cr