Elective Studies and Other Studies ...

Free Elective Studies, 2019




All compulsory

4A00CQ30 Basics of Information Security 3 cr
NN00DJ07 Basics of Microsoft Office Word 3 cr
L4163 Basics of Pedagogy 10 cr
2E00FF79 Basics of Project and Freelance Work 5 cr
NN00CZ14 Best Seller Competition 2 cr
5P00DP67 Circular Economy / Pulping 3 cr
V738-5 Clean Room Work and Cleanliness of Indoor Air 5 cr
3B00CX26 Conflict Management and Communication 5 cr
NN00FB60 Data-driven Sales 5 cr
NN00CP23 Development of Leadership 6 cr
5P00EE60 Ecological, Ethics and Safety of Textiles 2 cr
NN00CZ15 European Sales Competition 3 cr
5N00CZ50 Excel 2016 effective use 3 cr
NN00CC49 First Aid 2 cr
5C00ET08 Formula Student Project Learning 6 cr
7F00CT54 Health-enhancing Physical Activity for the Elderly 3 cr
V2600-10 Health Related Technology 5 cr
NN00EK96 How to brand myself? 5 cr
3H00EU04 Insights into Career Paths 3 cr
3B00CX28 International Business Project 5 cr
5B00FC88 Introduction to Architecture and Community 3 cr
IM00CQ11 Introduction to User Experience Design 3 cr
IM00BR48 Introduction to Visual Design 3 cr
5F00FC86 Leadership, Culture and Circular Economy 5 cr
NN00DH81 Me working as a professional seller? 5 cr
NN00CC51 Nature and Wellbeing 5 cr
7K00ET55 Nursing of Sexual Violence Victim 5 cr
5N00EG71 Orientation for Engineering Mathematics 3 cr
N-TT6295 Principals of LabVIEW programming 5 cr
5P00CY43 Quality Control and Properties of Textiles 4 cr
NY00CV37 Quantitative Research Methods, Effectiveness (incl. SPSS) 5 cr
5S00CL05 Research Methods 4 cr
5T00FH36 SIL student competition project 10 cr
NN00CP99 Statistics and Statistical Methods with SPSS Programme 2 cr
3H00FC53 TAMK SalesHackers 5 cr
U003C-7 Trump Cards of the Working Life 2 cr
U003A-7 Trump Cards of the Working Life, Occupational Safety and Fire Working 2 cr
NN00DP73 Well-being in Studies 3 cr
NN00CC43 Working Life Proficiency 5 cr