Elective Studies and Other Studies ...

Summer Studies 2019





All compulsory

7K00CU16 Anatomy, Physiology and Clinical Physiology 3 cr
5N00BC75 Basics of Measuring and Reporting 3 cr
7S-16 Child Welfare and Child Welfare Methods 3 cr
5P00DP67 Circular Economy / Pulping 3 cr
5T00DD31 DALI Lighting control 1 cr
5N00BC65 Differential Calculus 3 cr
7S-18 Disability Studies 3 cr
5N00BC73 Electrostatics and Electric Circuits, Magnetism 3 cr
5N00BC64 Functions and Matrices 3 cr
7K00CT76 Gerontological Nursing 4 cr
7F00CE92 Health-enhancing Physical Activity 3 cr
7F00CT54 Health-enhancing Physical Activity for the Elderly 3 cr
N-00DR12 Health and Environment 3 cr
NN00CQ67 History of electrical engineering 3 cr
3H00EU04 Insights into Career Paths 3 cr
5N00BC66 Integral Calculus 3 cr
IM00CJ86 Introduction to Fine Art Photography 3 cr
IM00CJ85 Introduction to Painting 3 cr
IM00BR56 Introduction to Song Writing 3 cr
IM00BR54 Introduction to Sound Design 3 cr
IM00CQ11 Introduction to User Experience Design 3 cr
IM00BR48 Introduction to Visual Design 3 cr
7S-49 Management in the Work Community 3 cr
5N00BC71 Mechanics 3 cr
7K00CT75 Nursing in Outpatient Health Care 3 cr
7F00EX71 Nursing in Rehabilitation 3 cr
7K00CT99 Orientation to Clinical Training, Outpatient Health Care 1 cr
5N00BC74 Oscillations and Wave Mechanics, Atom and Nuclear Physics 3 cr
7K00BC77 Pharmacotherapy and Medical Calculations 3 cr
7S-48 Project Work Skills 3 cr
7S00FB56 Project Work Summer School 5 cr
NN00DD91 Smart Campus Innovation Lab (SCIL) 12 cr
7S00CW83 Social and Welfare Entrepreneurship 3 cr
7S-43 Structural Poverty and Social Problems in a Changing Society 3 cr
7F00EV51 Summer Camp for Children 3 cr
NN00CE93 Support for thesis 0 cr
5N00EI74 Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 4 cr
7S00CC70 Thesis Seminar 1 3 cr
7S-50 Well Being at Work 3 cr
NN00CC56 Work and Organisational Psychology 3 cr