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Ensemble and Projects 2018-2019


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2X00DP88 Art and Culture - Festival production 3 cr
2X00DP76 Brass Band Ultra Brass 1 cr
2X00FB78 Chamber Music 5 cr
2X00DP77 Chamber Music Week 2 cr
2X00DP84 Chamber Music Week 2 cr
2X00CG13 Ensemble and Productions 3 7 cr
2X00CG14 Ensemble and Productions 4 8 cr
2X00FB79 Godspell, Band 8 cr
2X00FB80 Hair, Band 8 cr
2X00FC56 Instrument Fairy Tale 3 cr
2X00FC47 Joulun ihmemaa, band 3 cr
2X00DP85 Lied 2 cr
2X00DP86 Lied 2 cr
2X00DP83 Orchesta, project with Tampere Filharmonia 2 cr
2X00DP81 Orchestra, assosiated with Joensuun kaupunginorkesteri 1 cr
2X00DP82 Orchestra, assosiated with Jyväskylä Sinfonia 1 cr
2X00DP75 Orchestra, Pyynikin Puhaltajat 1 cr
2X00ET56 Orchestra, Pyynikin Puhaltajat 10 cr
2X00EY26 Orchestra, Pyynikki Sinfomia 2 cr
2X00DP74 Orchestra, Pyynikki Sinfonia 2 cr
2X00DP78 Orchestra, Pyynikki Sinfonia 2 cr
2X00DP79 Orchestra, Pyynikki Sinfonia 3 cr
2X00DP80 Orchestra, Pyynikki Sinfonia 2 cr
2X00FC89 Orchestra Assistant 4 cr
2X00FC90 Voice Animation 3 cr