Elective Studies and Other Studies ...

Open University of Applied Sciences, year 2019


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N-00DE74 Ammattikorkeakouluopintoihin valmentava suomen kieli ja kirjoittaminen (not translated) 3 cr
5O00EV62 Analytical Chemistry 2 cr
N-KV572 Basic English Grammar 3 cr
NN00CY75 Basics of Economy for Entrepreneurs 2 cr
5N00BC75 Basics of Measuring and Reporting 3 cr
5N00EI71 Basics of Measuring and Reporting 3 cr
L4163 Basics of Pedagogy 10 cr
3H-407 Basics of Public Law 5 cr
5R00DJ56 Basics on Buildig Design 4 cr
N-KV603 Basic Swedish Grammar 3 cr
7K00CM90 Coping at Work 2 cr
8T00DQ84 Culture and Customs 5 cr
NN00FB60 Data-driven Sales 5 cr
7K00CM92 Diets 2 cr
5N00BC73 Electrostatics and Electric Circuits, Magnetism 3 cr
5R00BF99 Facility Construction Planning 4 cr
3H-410 Family and Inheritance Law 5 cr
5N00BC64 Functions and Matrices 3 cr
5R00CJ90 Geometrical Projections and Perspective Drawings 3 cr
5N00BC63 Geometry and Vector Algebra 3 cr
3H00CK46 Getting Started on the Thesis 5 cr
3H-336 Graphic Communication I 5 cr
3H-337 Graphic Communication II 5 cr
7K00CM95 Health-enhancing Physical Activity 2 cr
5R00BF20 House Management 5 cr
NN00EK96 How to brand myself? 5 cr
7F00EB38 Individual as a Functional Entity, Practical Lessons 3 cr
7F00EB36 Individual as a Functional Entity, Theory 7 cr
5K00DA09 Introduction to IoT -projects 1 cr
3H00DM47 Kannattava liiketoiminta 5 cr
3H00DM46 Kirjanpito ja tilinpäätös liiketoiminnan kuvaajana 5 cr
3H-524 Law Concerning Persons and Payroll Administration I 5 cr
3H-525 Law Concerning Persons and Payroll Administration II 5 cr
3H00CV54 Law of Property 5 cr
5N00BC71 Mechanics 3 cr
3H00DZ59 Metaskills for Working Life 5 cr
NN00DH81 Me working as a professional seller? 5 cr
NN00CR23 Microsoft Office Word -effective use 4 cr
3H00DM72 National Economy 2 cr
7K00CM93 Nutrition and Health 2 cr
5N00BC62 Orientation for Engineering Mathematics 3 cr
5N00BC74 Oscillations and Wave Mechanics, Atom and Nuclear Physics 3 cr
3H-330 Personal Taxation 5 cr
7F00EV32 Physiotherapy for Children and Adolescents 1 cr 1 cr
8T00BV76 Professional English for the service industry 5 cr
8T00CN10 Professional Swedish for the Service Industry, Spoken 2 cr
8T00CN09 Professional Swedish for the Service Industry, Written 3 cr
NY00CV44 Project Competence 5 cr
7K00CM91 Promoting Mental Health 2 cr
7R00FB59 Radiation Protection, Radiation Safety officer Exam 2 cr
5R00BI09 Real Estate Business 3 cr
5R00CY99 Real Estate Case- studies 3 cr
8T00BZ83 Results with communication 5 cr
NN00CX59 Service Design 5 cr
8T00DQ64 Servicescape Design 5 cr
3H00CU39 Succesfull Sales Work and Customer Service 5 cr
8T00DQ56 Superior’s Responsibility for Quality and Safety 10 cr
7F00EV31 Therapeutic Exercises 1 cr 1 cr
5N00BO93 Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 4 cr
5N00EI74 Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 4 cr
7K00CM94 Work Ergonomics 2 cr
5N00BE52 Working English for Engineers 3 cr