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TAOK Optional Studies


TAOK Optional Studies


Select according to specific criteria

1L00CO37 Basics of Copyright in Education 1 cr
1L00CC85 Basics of Vocational Teaching 3 cr
1L00CZ47 Carpe Diem 1 cr
1L00DC86 Carpe Diem - Learning Design Workshop 3 cr
1L00CC92 Cultural Diversity in Guidance of Learning 2 cr
1L00DD81 Current Reform of Finnish Vocational Education 2 cr
1L00CC88 Developing Methods of Network Learning 4 cr
1L00CD03 From Information Retrieval to Knowledgeable Skills 3 cr
1L00CZ48 Gamification 1 cr
1L00EX83 Inspiring Use of Images in Teaching and Facilitation 6 cr
1L00DJ69 International Collaboration Project 2 cr
1L00DC90 International Education Professional Discussion 2 cr
1L00CO35 Introduction to Human Rights 2 cr
1L00CC78 Learning Organisations and Team Work 3 cr
1L00DH85 New Inspiring Ways of Using Pictures in Education 6 cr
1L00CC93 Organising Special Support in Vocational Education 5 cr
1L00DJ15 Pedagogical Evaluation of National Skills Competition 1 cr
1L00FG10 Skills for Life 5 cr
1L00CS97 Staffordshire University and TAMK Finland Collaborative Project 2 cr
1L00CX58 Staffordshire University and TAMK Finland Interview Project 1 cr
1L00FH16 Starting Entrepreneurship 5 cr
1L00DM41 Supporting the Educational Pathway of Immigrants in Vocational Education 5 cr
1L00DI47 Teacher's Digital Skills 6 cr
1L00FD36 Teaching for Quality Learning 3 cr
1L00EU61 Teaching Professional Communication in a Foreign Language 3 cr
1L00CY78 Tidbits of Teacher Training 2 cr
1L00CW20 Towards the Dream - The Basics of Career Guidance and Counseling 2 cr
1L00CP20 Treats for Future Teachers 2 cr
1L00CD00 Using Empowering Images in Teaching 5 cr
1L00CD01 Visualization of Teaching and Social Media 12 cr