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Music: Instrument Pedagogy 4


Students are able to plan and carry out classes matching with the learners aims and needs or projects of higher level both in terms of knowledge and skills.
Students are able to take the role of an expert in the field of vocational education.
They are capable of peforming their duties in different operative environments, to further develop them, and to make methodological changes to own instruction to fit it according to the needs of the target group of the instruction.
They also consider the principles of sustainable development in their duties.

Students have obtained work community skills and sociological empowering skills and use them to contribute to the wellbeing of the work community.
They are capable of performing their duties in a multicultural environment.
They have ethical skills, interpersonal work community skills, innovation skills, and internationalization skills.

- teacher-training period 3
- working as an assistant in the field of vocational education
- making acquaintance with various learning environments and work communities

-assess and futher develop their skills, also learning skills
-take a critical approach to information acquisition and to the retrieval of it
-take responsibility of the group´s learning and its effort in sharing skills and knowledge
-take responsibility of their own action and the outcomes of it
-work according to professional ethics
-consider different types of contributors in their work
-work as members of work groups and contribute to its wellbeing
- are able to communicate appropriately in the communication sitations of working life
- are able to apply the principles of sustainable development
- are capable of sociological empowerment based on obtained knowledge and skills, and ethical principles
- are capable of creating personal working life connections and networking
- are capable of leadership in the work and independent working in duties requiring expertise


Select according to specific criteria

2X00BZ29 Baritone Horn Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ20 Bassoon Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ15 Cello Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ18 Clarinet Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ17 Flute Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ22 French Horn Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ25 Guitar Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ82 Kantele Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ19 Oboe Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ28 Percussion Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BT96 Piano Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ73 Saxophone Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ78 Singing Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ23 Trombone Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ21 Trumpet Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ24 Tube Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ14 Viola Pedagogy 4 6 cr
2X00BZ13 Violin Pedagogy 4 6 cr