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Music: Instrument Pedagogy 3


Students strengthen their skills in the music instruction duties of various stages and with learners of different ages. They obtain a wider range of knowledge of the various materials and tools of music instruction. They are capable of choosing the most appropriate and creative methods and give reasons for the choices of methods. They become acquainted with the pedagogy employed in some other area of interest or other instrument and obtain ability to reflect their observations in their own work.

- teacher-training period 2 in the own substance field
- pedagogical seminar 3
- making acquaintance with some other area of pedagogy

-assess and futher develop their skills, also learning skills
-take a critical approach to information acquisition and to the retrieval of it
-take responsibility of the group´s learning and its effort in sharing skills and knowledge
-take responsibility of their own action and the outcomes of it
-work according to professional ethics
-consider different types of contributors in their work
-work as members of work groups and contribute to its wellbeing
- are able to communicate appropriately in the communication sitations of working life.


Select according to specific criteria

2X00BZ12 Baritone Horn Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ03 Bassoon Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BY98 Cello Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ01 Clarinet Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ00 Flute Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ05 French Horn Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ08 Guitar Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ81 Kantele Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ02 Oboe Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ11 Percussion Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BT93 Piano Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ70 Saxophone Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BY95 Singing Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ06 Trombone Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ04 Trumpet Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BZ07 Tube Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BY97 Viola Pedagogy 3 6 cr
2X00BY96 Violin Pedagogy 3 6 cr