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Music: Instrument Pedagogy 1


Students adopt teaching concepts and contents of their own substance area, reflect their observations, recognise different stages of group dynamics and its contents and have preparedness for experimental teaching in their own substance areas.
Intrument students apply basic music terminology into their own instruction, make and perform arrangements fitted to suit music college level students, make creative use of rhythmics in their own activities.
Students have ethic philosophy, good learning skills and working community skills.
-pedagogic seminar
-inductive observation and its reflection
-orientation to teaching in the own substance area along with experimental teaching included, and group dynamics
-orientation to the pedagogy of the basics of music
-assess and futher develop their skills, also learning skills
-have good information search and reflection skills
-take responsibility of the group´s learning and its effort in delivering it to each other
-take responsibility of their own action and the outcomes of it
-work according to professional ethics
-consider different types of contributors in their work
-work as members of work groups and contribute to its wellbeing


Select according to specific criteria

2X00BY76 Baritone Horn Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY63 Bassoon Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY59 Cello Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY61 Clarinet Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY60 Flute Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY65 French Horn Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY72 Guitar Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BZ79 Kantele Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY75 Percussion Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BT87 Piano Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY56 Singing Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY64 Trumpet Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY69 Tube Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY58 Viola Pedagogy 1 3 cr
2X00BY57 Violin Pedagogy 1 3 cr