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Music: Main Instrument B3


Students are able to play demanding chamber music compositions of various styles and rehearse the own musical group for performances independently. They are capable of independent interaction as a member of a chamber music group.

Students have skills for a B-level repertoire, independent artistic expression and for mastery of large formal entities. They can take advantage of professional literature, scientific publications and their music perception skills, knowledge of history and music transcription skills in improving their instrument skills. They are able to take a critical approach to information acquisition and they understand the essence of science and expertise. They reflect and analyse on their own work.They hace sufficient solistic skills for working as musicians or music pedagogues and for further studies.

- learning a b-level repertoire
- rehearsing an performing chamber music
- aural perception in chamber music and familiarization with literature on chamber music
- score-reading in chamber music


Select according to specific criteria

2X00BY45 Baritone Horn B3 8 cr
2X00BY40 Bassoon B3 8 cr
2X00BY34 Cello B3 8 cr
2X00BY38 Clarinet B3 8 cr
2X00BY36 Flute B3 8 cr
2X00BY43 French Horn B3 8 cr
2X00BY49 Guita B3 8 cr
2X00BY50 Kantele B3 8 cr
2X00BY39 Oboe B3 8 cr
2X00BY47 Percussion B3 8 cr
2X00BT14 Piano B3 8 cr
2X00BY41 Saxophone B3 8 cr
2X00BY31 Singing B3 8 cr
2X00BY44 Trombone B3 8 cr
2X00BY42 Trumpet B3 8 cr
2X00BY46 Tube B3 8 cr
2X00BY33 Viola B3 8 cr
2X00BY32 Violin B3 8 cr