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Music: Main Instrument B2


Students have strengthened their technical, stylistic and expressional skills regarding the mastery of B-level repertoire.
Students have sufficient score-reading skills to play music of various styles well. There are not many errors in the playing and it is also stylistically appropriate.
Students have also technical and expressional readyness to rehearse a C-level composition in a short time for public performance. The course may include also additional parts depending on the instrument. These parts are listed on course implementation plans.

- mastery of a B-level repertoire
- playing a prima vista
- perception task
- possibly other tasks depending on the instrument


Select according to specific criteria

2X00BY20 Bassoon B2 15 cr
2X00BY13 Cello B2 15 cr
2X00BY18 Clarinet B2 15 cr
2X00BY16 Flute B2 15 cr
2X00BY23 French Horn B2 15 cr
2X00BY28 Guitar B2 15 cr
2X00BY29 Kantele B2 15 cr
2X00BY19 Oboe B2 15 cr
2X00BY26 Percussion B2 15 cr
2X00BT12 Piano B2 15 cr
2X00BY21 Saxophone B2 15 cr
2X00BY11 Singing B2 15 cr
2X00BY24 Trombone B2 15 cr
2X00BY22 Trumpet B2 15 cr
2X00BY25 Tube B2 15 cr
2X00BY14 Viola B2 15 cr
2X00BY12 Violin B2 15 cr