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Music: Main Instrument C2b


Students' technical and expressional skills have reached a level that enables a personal artistic expression and mastery of large formal entities. They have a mastery of instrument C-level repertoire representing various styles and are abelt o perform that in a concert. Students have learning skills.


Select according to specific criteria

2X00BY01 Baritone Horn C2b 4 cr
2X00BX96 Bassoon C2b 4 cr
2X00BX89 Cello C2b 4 cr
2X00BX93 Clarinet C2b 4 cr
2X00BY07 Electric Bass C2b 4 cr
2X00BY06 Electric Guitar C2b 4 cr
2X00BX91 Flute C2b 4 cr
2X00BX99 French Horn C2b 4 cr
2X00BY05 Guitar C2b 4 cr
2X00BX94 Oboe C2b 4 cr
2X00BY10 Organs C2b 4 cr
2X00BY03 Percussion C2b 4 cr
2X00BV52 Piano C2b 4 cr
2X00BX97 Saxophone C2b 4 cr
2X00BX86 Singin C2b 4 cr
2X00BY00 Trombone C2b 4 cr
2X00BX98 Trumpet C2b 4 cr
2X00BY02 Tube C2b 4 cr
2X00BX88 Viola C2b 4 cr
2X00BX87 Violin C2b 4 cr