Elective Studies and Other Studies ...

Music: Main Instrument B1


Students have advanced in the further development of their technical skills, the command of styles and the expression of them to meet the B-level repertoire requirements.

Diversive acquaintance with instrument B-level repertory and the performing of the studied repertoire in concerts.
Strenghtening the knowledge of styles and performance skills.
Performing independently formed duties according to the plans.


Select according to specific criteria

2X00BX77 Baritone Horn B1 15 cr
2X00BX72 Bassoon B1 15 cr
2X00BX66 Cello B1 15 cr
2X00BX70 Clarinet B1 15 cr
2X00BX68 Flute B1 15 cr
2X00BX75 French Horn B1 15 cr
2X00BX81 Guitar B1 15 cr
2X00BX82 Kantele B1 15 cr
2X00BX71 Oboe B1 15 cr
2X00BT10 Piano B1 15 cr
2X00BX73 Saxophone B1 15 cr
2X00BX63 Singing B1 15 cr
2X00BX76 Trombone B1 15 cr
2X00BX74 Trumpet B1 15 cr
2X00BX78 Tube B1 15 cr
2X00BX65 Viola B1 15 cr
2X00BX64 Violin B1 15 cr