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Music: Minor Instrument E1


Students are able to use minor instrument in their work and have further developed their basic skills in terms of technique and expression.
Students have skills for simple accompaniment by reading absolute chord symbols.


Select according to specific criteria

2X00BW09 Accordian E1 4 cr
2X00BV98 Bassoon E1 4 cr
2X00BV93 Cello E1 4 cr
2X00CA26 Cembalo E1 4 cr
2X00BV96 Clarinet E1 4 cr
2X00BV94 Double Bass E1 4 cr
2X00CA28 Electric Bass E1 4 cr
2X00CA27 Electric Guitar E1 4 cr
2X00BW04 Euphonium E1 4 cr
2X00BV95 Flute E1 4 cr
2X00BW00 French Horn E1 4 cr
2X00BW07 Guitar E1 4 cr
2X00BW06 Harp E1 4 cr
2X00BW08 Kantele E1 4 cr
2X00BV97 Oboe E1 4 cr
2X00BW13 Organ E1 4 cr
2X00BW12 Percussion Instruments E1 4 cr
2X00BT17 Piano and Keyboard Harmony E1 4 cr
2X00BZ74 Playing from a Score and Prima Vista 4 cr
2X00BW11 Recorder E1 4 cr
2X00BW05 Saxophone E1 4 cr
2X00BV90 Singing E1 4 cr
2X00BW01 Trombone E1 4 cr
2X00BV99 Trumpet E1 4 cr
2X00BW02 Tuba E1 4 cr
2X00BV92 Viola E1 4 cr
2X00BV91 Violin E1 4 cr