Elective Studies and Other Studies ...

Free-elective Studies, Culture and Communication


Vapaasti valittavien kulttuuri- ja viestintäalan opintojaksojen tarjontakori. (not translated)


Select according to specific criteria

IM00DU62 Advanced IPR workshop 3 cr
IM00CQ98 Consepting a television reality show 3 cr
IM00CT20 Creating Your First Video Game 3 cr
IM00CZ56 Game Academy Summer Workshop 5 cr
IM00CZ57 Game Academy Summer Workshop Project 5 cr
IM00BR65 International Art and Media Studies 7 cr
IM00BR51 Introduction to Animation 3 cr
IM00DR84 Introduction to Animation 3 cr
IM00CJ81 Introduction to Animation in Fine Art 3 cr
IM00CJ82 Introduction to Applied Fine Art 3 cr
IM00CJ83 Introduction to Fine Art Analysis 3 cr
IM00CJ86 Introduction to Fine Art Photography 3 cr
IM00CS82 Introduction to Motion Capture 3 cr
IM00CJ84 Introduction to Moving Image 3 cr
IM00BR55 Introduction to Music Business and Entrepreneurship 3 cr
IM00CJ85 Introduction to Painting 3 cr
IM00BR58 Introduction to Popular Music Theory 3 cr
IM00BR49 Introduction to Programming 3 cr
IM00BR57 Introduction to Record Production 3 cr
IM00BR52 Introduction to Scriptwriting and storytelling 3 cr
IM00BR56 Introduction to Song Writing 3 cr
IM00BR54 Introduction to Sound Design 3 cr
IM00CQ11 Introduction to User Experience Design 3 cr
IM00BR50 Introduction to Video 3 cr
IM00BR48 Introduction to Visual Design 3 cr
IM00BR53 Introduction to Web Tools 3 cr
IM00CP32 Popular Music History 3 cr
IM00CR20 Special Skills in Studio Technique 3 cr
IM00BS70 Visual design for events 3 cr