Elective Studies and Other Studies ...

Free-electives Studies, Social Services and Health


Vapaasti valittavien SOTE-alan opintojaksojen tarjontakori. (not translated)


Select according to specific criteria

V315A-10 Basic Course in Empowering Photography 3 cr
V2416-9 Basics of Pilates Method 3 cr
7B00FC55 Biomedical Laboratory Scientist's work 2 cr
7F00CP95 Body maintenance 3 cr
NN00CZ51 Clinical Training 12 cr
7K00CM90 Coping at Work 2 cr
7K00FK92 Daily Living Activities 4 cr
7K00CM92 Diets 2 cr
NN00CE50 Finnish culture and health care 2 cr
V306-8 Finnish Social Welfare and Social Work 5 cr
7F00CE92 Health-enhancing Physical Activity 3 cr
7K00CM95 Health-enhancing Physical Activity 2 cr
7K00CP40 InnoEvent 2014 2 cr
7K00CT77 Medical Nursing 4 cr
7F00CE19 Non-specific low back pain (NSLBP) and promotion of low back health 3 cr
7K00ET55 Nursing of Sexual Violence Victim 5 cr
7K00CM93 Nutrition and Health 2 cr
NN00CT22 Orientation to Clinical Practice in Health Care 2 cr
7K00CT85 Paediatric Nursing 4 cr
7K00CM91 Promoting Mental Health 2 cr
7R00FB57 Radiographer´s Work 5 cr
V3003-8 Sign Language 3 cr
7F00EX84 Social and Health Care and Rehabilitation Environment 3 cr
NN00CO38 Supervised Clinical Training for Exchange Students 12 cr
7K00CT80 Surgical Nursing 4 cr
NN00CC44 Towards Working Life 3 cr
NN00CD15 Työelämäprojekti (not translated) 1 cr
7K00CM94 Work Ergonomics 2 cr
NN00CD16 Working in Student's Own Professional Area 1 cr
NN00CD14 Working Life Projekt 5 cr