Elective Studies and Other Studies ...

Free-electives Studies, Technology


Vapaasti valittavien tekniikan ja metsän koulutusalojen opintojaksojen tarjontakori. (not translated)


Select according to specific criteria

N-TT0520 ACad 2D 3 cr
N-TT0521 ACad 3D 3 cr
5N00EU65 Advanced Machine Learning 3 cr
5P00CE21 Basics in Textiles 3 cr
5P00CD82 Basics of Forest Bio-Product Engineering 3 cr
5N00DM59 Basics of Machine Learning 3 cr
5G00FC54 Basics of Machine Learning and Classification in Python 3 cr
5E00DA06 BioHub Seminar Series 2 cr
5P00BI69 Biorefinery 3 cr
N-TT8323 CADS HPAC Application 3 cr
NN00DP68 Cyber Security basics tai Basics of cyber safety 3 cr
TT00CD87 DALI Lighting control 2 cr
5T00DD31 DALI Lighting control 1 cr
5T00CT05 Design of Water and Sewage Systems 2 cr
5G00DI34 Digitalization 3 cr
TT00CP64 Efficient Energy Technology 5 cr
5T00BJ68 Electricity Distribution Laboratories 5 cr
5S00BM09 Electric Power and Installations, Laboratory Work 5 cr
5N00BC73 Electrostatics and Electric Circuits, Magnetism 3 cr
NN00DJ77 Engineering and X 3 cr
5N00CZ50 Excel 2016 effective use 3 cr
5N00BC72 Fluid Mechanics and Thermophysics 3 cr
5N00DM60 FPGA- ja Asic-suunnittelu 3 cr
5N00BC64 Functions and Matrices 3 cr
5K00CZ16 German Industry 2 cr
5G00DH70 ICT Seminars 1 cr
5K00CQ03 International Professional Seminars in Mechanical Engineering 3 cr
5K00DA09 Introduction to IoT -projects 1 cr
5N00CZ65 Introduction to Modern software development practices 3 cr
5N00EU66 Introduction to Secure Software Development Lifecycle 3 cr
5G00FC45 IoT Seminar 2019 3 cr
5C00DJ78 Kilpa-autokatsastaja (not translated) 2 cr
NN00CC60 KNX-environments 3 cr
TT00CE02 KNX-ohjauskurssi (not translated) 2 cr
N-MM1 Laboratory Work in Physics 4 cr
N-TT8324 Lighting Planning 3 cr
5N00EU93 Linux-käyttöjärjestelmän perusteet (not translated) 3 cr
NN00CC41 MagiCad (not translated) 3 cr
5K00CE51 Mechanical Engineering Seminars 3 cr
5N00BC71 Mechanics 3 cr
5N00CZ66 Ohjelmistoprojektin sudenkuopat ja miten ne vältetään (not translated) 3 cr
5N00BC62 Orientation for Engineering Mathematics 3 cr
5N00BC74 Oscillations and Wave Mechanics, Atom and Nuclear Physics 3 cr
5N00DM14 Piirilevyn valmistus ja suunnittelu (not translated) 6 cr
N-TT6295 Principals of LabVIEW programming 5 cr
M100CE00 Production and Use of Quality Wood 5 cr
5G00CZ91 Project studies 15 cr
5S00DO72 Project studies 15 cr
N-TT8322 Recurring Sources of Energies in Real Estate 3 cr
5S00CL04 Regulations of Electrical Installation 2 cr
5T00CS96 Renovation of Building Services 5 cr
5S00CL05 Research Methods 4 cr
5T00CT02 Risk Assessment and Building Services in ATEX-spaces 4 cr
5T00CQ69 Risk Assessment as a Basis for ATEX, Rescue plan and Self-monitoring 3 cr
6M00BH13 Silvicultural Alternatives and Economical Profitability of Silviculture 6 cr
N-TT8314 Simulation of a Construction Project Planning 3 cr
5N00CT12 Software of Mathematics 2 cr
N-KV70 Spatial Analysis 5 cr
5N00BC67 Statistics 3 cr
C-13212 Statuory Vehicle Inspection, part 2 3 cr
C-13211 Student Formula CAE (Catia) 3 cr
5C00CE07 Student formula modeling 3 cr
N-MM1019 Supplementary Course in Physics 3 cr
5K00CQ07 Systems Engineering Basics 5 cr
5P00CE20 Testing of Textiles and Quality Control 3 cr
5G00DG91 The Use of Electricity 3 cr
5K00CQ06 Ultrakevytlentäjän teoriakurssi 5 cr
N-TT0531 Vertex G4 5 cr
5N00DV77 VHDL Programming 3 cr
5N00FJ28 Visual programming with Node-RED 2 cr
5P00BN37 Wood Fiber and Bio Mass 5 cr