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Free-elective Studies


Tarjontakori vapaasti valittaville opinnoille, joille ei ole omaa alakohtaista tarjontakoria. (not translated)


Select according to specific criteria

NN00DJ07 Basics of Microsoft Office Word 3 cr
L4163 Basics of Pedagogy 10 cr
V738-5 Clean Room Work and Cleanliness of Indoor Air 5 cr
4A00DH87 Data Analysis and Big Data as Business Development Tools 3 cr
NN00CP23 Development of Leadership 6 cr
8T00CP93 Functional facility design 5 cr
V208-10 Germany as a Trade Partner and as a country of Trade Fairs 3 cr
V2600-10 Health Related Technology 5 cr
NN00CZ07 Indoor Air Seminar, Assistant 3 cr
NN00CU60 Intercultural Experiences and Competences 2 cr
NN00FF69 Learning Lab 12 cr
NN00FK24 Learning Lab Coaching and Facilitation 12 cr
NN00CR23 Microsoft Office Word -effective use 4 cr
T650B-5 Nutritional Care 6 cr
VR155-7 Orientation and Report for Studying / Training Abroad-5 2 cr
VB305 Project Course on Russia or Eastern European Country 5 cr
VB304 Russia as Market Area 6 cr
NN00DM15 SCIL Lean Service Creation 5 cr
NN00DP58 SCIL Lean Service Creation 5 cr
NN00CC45 Sleep Ergonomics and Hygiene 3 cr
NN00DD91 Smart Campus Innovation Lab (SCIL) 12 cr
5N00CT12 Software of Mathematics 2 cr
NN00CP99 Statistics and Statistical Methods with SPSS Programme 2 cr
NN00CT11 The Basics of Microsoft Office Visio 3 cr
NN-3 The Basics of Microsoft Office Visio 2010 3 cr
NN00FF70 The Changing World of Teaching 2 cr
NN00CC44 Towards Working Life 3 cr
U003C-7 Trump Cards of the Working Life 2 cr
U003B-7 Trump Cards of the Working Life, Hygiene training 2 cr
U003A-7 Trump Cards of the Working Life, Occupational Safety and Fire Working 2 cr
NN00CD15 Työelämäprojekti (not translated) 1 cr
NN00DP73 Well-being in Studies 3 cr
7F00CP73 Wellbeing days 3 cr
NN00CC43 Working Life Proficiency 5 cr