Professional Teacher Education

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Basic Studies in Education
Education Science and the Basics of Education 5
Education Science and the World of Work 5
Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
Learning Environments and Operating Cultures 5
Learning Environment and Networking Practice 5
Inspiring Teaching and Learning
Planning Teaching, Learning and Assessment 5
Teaching and Facilitation Practice I 5
Contemporary Pedagogical Models
Introduction to Contemporary Pedagogical Models 5
Teaching and Facilitation Practice II 5
Teaching Online and Building Collaborative Learning Communities
Planning Online Teaching and Learning 5  
Diversity, Legislation and Development Project
Diversity and Legislation 5  
Development Project 5  
Elective Studies
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60 / 4060 / 2060 / 2060 / 2060 / 2060 / 1060 / 1060 / 1060 / 1060 / 1060 / 10

Level of qualification: post-graduate pedagogical studies leading to teacher's pedagogical qualification.

Professional teacher education is for teachers and future teachers of universities of applied sciences and vocational institutes. It offers the pedagogical qualifications required for vocational
education as well as for general education (Decree on Teachers' Qualifications 14.12.1998/986).

The core process of teacher education is working on one’s identity. Professional teacher education is based on recent research in educational science and applies the principles of participatory pedagogy and authentic learning, and methods of exploratory learning. Participatory pedagogy supports identity building through the whole process. The core competency areas are:
- evaluation competency
- teaching and facilitation competency
- well-being competency
- partnership competency
- cultural competency.

After the studies, you will be qualified to work as a teacher in vocational institutions and universities of applied sciences. You can also teach in other institutions depending on your own education and work experience. The studies will give you useful skills in various education-related fields such as education export, HR or coaching.

The professional teacher education programme taught in English is for professionals who wish to teach in English and/or who are not proficient in the Finnish language. The extent of the studies is 60 credits. You can study alongside work and complete your studies in 1.5 years (on average).