Professional Teacher Education, 60 cr

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Qualification Awarded and the Level of Qualification

Professional Teacher Education (60 cr)
Level of qualification: post-graduate pedagogical studies leading to teacher pedagogical qualification

Special Admission Requirements

Access requirements: university degree or the highest vocational diploma and three (3) years work experience in the field in question (teachers of vocational subjects)

Recognition of Prior Learning

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Programme requirements according to decree (357/2003), the following studies have to be included in vocational teacher education:
1. Basic studies in education
2. Studies in vocational pedagogy
3. Teaching practice
4. Other studies
Programme details: see Transcript of Records

Profile of the Programme

Professional status: the teacher qualification required from all teachers in Finland, except university teachers
Information about the national vocational teacher education system: The Finnish education system consists of basic education, general and vocational upper secondary education, higher education and adult education. The basic education consists of 9-year compulsory school for children from 7 to 16 years of age. Teachers for basic education and for the general upper secondary education are mainly educated at the universities. Vocational teacher education and training are provided by five vocational teacher education institutions operating in conjunction with universities of applied sciences. Teachers for vocational schools and universities of applied sciences are mainly educated in these institutions.
Further information sources: Ministry of Education,

Key Learning Outcomes

Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples

You will be qualified to teach in vocational institutions, universities of applied sciences as well as in liberal adult education. You can also teach in other institutions depending on your own education and work experience. The studies will give you useful skills in various education-related fields such as education export, HR or coaching.

Access to Further Studies

Professional Special Needs Teacher Education
Professional Guidance Counsellor Education

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Grading scheme S = Pass

Graduation Requirements

Mode of Study

Method of study: part-time studies; the method of study consists of contact study periods, practical training periods at educational institutions and distance study periods, including on-line learning.

Development of the Programme