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Master's Degree Programme in Automation in Smart Industry

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Advanced Competences
Machine Automation 5
Intelligent Manufacturing 5
Machine Learning and Data Analytics in Technology 5
Ïntelligent Process Automation 5
Free-choice Studies from Automation in Smart Industry Basket
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Innovation Projects 5
Modern Robotics 5
Free-choice Studies
Free-choice Studies from Alternative Advanced Studies Basket
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Evidence-Based Practice 5              
Quantitative Research Methods, Effectiveness (incl. SPSS) 5              
Qualitative and Action-based Research and Development Methods 5              
Future Research, Foresight and Innovation 5              
Leadership and HRM 5              
Technology Know How Management 5              
Knowledge Management 5              
Analyzing management communication 5              
Project Competence 5              
The Development of Activities through Service Design 5              
Foundations of Financial Management 5              
Strategic Financial Management 5              
Strategy and Change Management, as well as Communication 5              
Acquiring Customers in Digital Channels 5              
Experience Design 5              
Sustainability Management 5              
B2B Sales Interactions 5              
Sales Management 5              
Master's Thesis
Master's Thesis Design 5
Implementation of the Master's Thesis 20
Master's Thesis Reporting and Evaluation 5
60 / 6060 / 2060 / 4060 / 1060 / 1060 / 2060 / 20
The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Master's Degree Programme in Automation in Smart Industry
Automation in Smart Industry is a new multidisciplinary Finnish-language master’s degree programme in the field of technology. It was developed to respond to technology industry’s competence needs and changing working life requirements. The studies expand students’ competence in automation and mechanical engineering as well as information technology. The education is up to date, practical and international. The studies develop technology, product development, automation, team and project management skills and deepen competence in innovation of intelligent industry products and services, technical design, development of automation solutions and sustainable production. The master’s degree gives the skills for working in expert, design, development and management duties of industry.

The English degree title is Master of Engineering. The degree gives the same eligibility for public posts and offices as master’s degrees completed in universities.

The education produces the following competences
• innovation competence
• project and team competence
• sustainable technology design and development competence
• production automation and quality assurance competence
• mechanical automation competence
• robotics competence
• machine learning and data analytics competence

How do the studies take place?
The studies can be completed in a year along with working. Studying includes independent study, remote and contact teaching and laboratory assignments. The studies consist of a 30-credit master’s thesis, 20 credits of advanced professional studies and 10 credits of free-choice studies. In the free-choice studies, students can expand their competence based on their master’s thesis topic and professional needs.

Who is the programme for?
The programme is for engineers and industrial professionals. You need to have a prior Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Science (Technology) or Bachelor of Science (Technology) degree, vocational college diploma in engineering or an equivalent foreign degree. Student selection is based on an assignment.