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Degree Programme in Business Administration, part-time studies, Tampere Region

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Common Business Studies
Basics of Business
Metaskills for Working Life 5
Communication and Digital Skills 5
Business Mathematics and Profitability 5
Legal Basis and General Contract Law 5
From an Idea to Business Activity 5
Launching Your Online Business
Dymanics and Processes of Project Management 5
Accounting and Financial Statements as a Business Descriptor 5
Professional English for BBA Studies 5
Implementation of the Online Business 5
Marketing and Productisation 5
Deepening the Expertise of Online Business
Supply Chain Management 5  
Social, Ethical and Ecological Responsibility in Business 5  
Online Store Accounting 5  
E-commerce Law 5  
Digital Selling and Marketing 5  
Go to Market
Customer Profiles and Marketing Strategies 5  
Research Tools in Marketing 5  
Professional Swedish for Business, Written Skills 3  
Professional Swedish for Business, Spoken Skills 2  
Discoverability and Usability of Online Store 5  
Social Media in Marketing 5  
Expand Your Online Business
(Select 25 cr)
International Digital Business 5    
Presentations and Negotiations 5    
Go to Market - Multichannel Launching of Products 5    
Networking Skills in International Business 5    
Entrepreneurship and Expertise Online
(Select 25 cr)
Projects 5    
Labor Law and Basics of Payroll Management 2    
Persona, Branding and Social Selling 5    
Developing the Online store Customer Experience 5    
People, Trends and the Future 3    
Free-choice Studies
(Select 15 cr)
Pre-training Maths, Business 2
Practical Training
Practical Training 1 10
Practical Training 2 20  
Bachelor's Thesis
Thesis Plan 5    
Implementing Thesis 5    
Reporting Thesis 5      
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The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

After graduating from the program, you will have versatile and extensive expertise in the digital business area. You are innovative and able to evaluate and develop your own expertise. You have special expertise in growing your responsible e-commerce business, marketing, sales and digital business, and you are also able to work in different work communities as a developer of your industry. You promote a networked approach, promote well-being work communities and entrepreneurship.

The Value Base of Study Programme
The value base of the programme is in interaction skills and in the responsible development of personal and group learning. Tamk's values are concrete: We act globally with responsibility, value activity, learning and competence, succeed by working together and respect diversity in the community

Placement in Working Life
The business administrations graduating from the programme are located in digital business tasks in the private sector or they can become e-commerce entrepreneurs themselves. As a BBA they usually operate as an expert or entrepreneur. Graduates of this program have the skills to develop and grow their e-commerce business, especially through sustainability, product and service expertise, innovation skills, digital sales and marketing opportunities.

Degree Programme includes basic and professional studies, free-choice studies, practical training and thesis.

The ImplementationTeaching is carried out as multiform teaching consisting of independent online and contact teaching. Contact teaching can consist of online or local meetings. Contact meetings are held at least once a month for two consecutive working days. There is at least one close-up in the academic year, which involves evening entertainment and overnight stays.

Teaching Methods
The schedule of contact meetings may include the following elements:
- Teacher-led or student-led introduction to the current topic of the course
- Working on the course either alone or in a group
- A demolition session for a learning assignment, where the topic to be completed is discussed in the team under the guidance of the teacher and given feedback
- The study may be deepened, for example with visitors, business visits, videos and other online materials.

During distance learning you will learn in the following ways:
- Independent acquisition of information on the subject of the learning task and the supportive exercises related to the online chat learning task
- The implementation of sources supporting the topic of the module, such as reading literature, watching videos, and, for example, carrying out a project or development task related to the essay writing module (e.g. at the workplace for its needs), and preparation of the initialization of the reporting
- "Learning cell work"
- Contact meeting or other tasks related to the module theme.