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Degree Programme in Business Administration, Part-time Studies, Virrat

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Basics of Business Sections
Studying and Working Life Metaskills 5
Communication and It-Skills of a Specialist 5
Business Accounting and Profitability 5
Basics of Marketing and Marketing Communication 5
Product and Service Developement
Business Models and Bookkeeping 5
Planning Services and Business Service 7
Innovation Skills for Business 5
Communications in Businesses and Project Management 5
Economy Supporting Thriving Business
Accounting as a Reflector of Business 5  
Business Legislation and Financing 5  
Responsible Business 7  
Practical Logistics as the Prosperity Factor of a Company 5  
Professional Swedish for BBA Studies, Written 3  
Professional Swedish for BBA Studies, Spoken 2  
21st Century Marketing
Customer-Oriented Marketing Planning 6  
Digital Systems in Marketing 5  
Research as a Tool 5  
Go to Market 5  
Professional English for BBA Studies 5  
Sales Management
Succesfull Sales Work and Customer Care 5    
Building B2B Relationships and Solutions Selling 5    
Management of Sales, Sales Team and Customer Relationships 10    
Sales Presentations and Negotiations 5    
Possibilities of Internationalization
Challenges of Global Economy 5    
Internationalisation of Business Cultures 5    
Methods of International Business 5    
Possibilities of International Business 5    
Networking Skills in International Business 5    
English for International Business 5    
Other Optional Business Studies
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Free Elective Studies
(Select 15 cr)
Preparatory Studies, Swedish 3
Preparation Studies, English 3  
Practical Placement
Practical Training 1 15
Practical Training 2 15      
Bachelor's Thesis
Basics of Bachelor's Thesis Work and Reseach 3    
Independent Reseach Work and Reporting of the Bachelor's Thesis 12      
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The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

As a Bachelor of Business Administration, you have a broad and up-to-date knowledge of business administration. You work innovatively and can evaluate and develop your own skills. In your work community, you promote well-being and work constructively. You will have special expertise in marketing, service entrepreneurship or business growth, and can work in multicultural networks as a developer of your industry.

The value base of TAMK’s BBA studies is in the interaction skills and in the responsible development of one's own and the group's skills. It represents TAMK's values: communality, respect for individuality and diversity, sustainable development, competence and entrepreneurship.

After the first year of study, you are familiar with the basics of the company's business areas. You manage the use of the most important methods and know how to interact effectively in different situations.

After the second year of study, you will be able to develop a profitable business. You know the basics of business regulation and financial management, and you can communicate in the languages you are studying in writing and orally. You can make good use of various marketing measures in marketing products and services.

After the third and fourth year of studies you can, depending on your choices, develop a company’s internationalization and growth, or implement effective personnel and project management. You have the capacity to act as an expert in various business functions.

TAMK’s BBAs find employment in a variety of positions in business, private or public sectors, or they can become entrepreneurs. BBAs work usually in expert positions. BBAs can develop and grow their business, especially through product and service know-how, innovation, sales management and internationalization.

The degree programme consists of basic and professional studies, free-choice studies, practical training and thesis work.

The names of the study modules describe the main topics of the programme. They are
Basics of Business Knowledge
Product and Service Competence Development
Economy to Support Successful Business
21th Century Marketing
Sales and Management
International Opportunities

Teaching is carried out as blended learning.
Group meetings are held at least once a month for two consecutive working days, including a voluntary evening program and overnight stays. Group meetings consist of the following parts:
- Learning session, where the previously given assignment topic is handled by the team under the guidance of the teacher and feedback is given
- Training workshop with concrete exercises, e.g. budgeting with spreadsheet program
- Workshops where the students individually or in pairs prepare an introduction to a topic agreed with the teacher. These introductions can take the form of a presentation, video, business visit, visitor, etc., and continue with conversation, exercises, teamwork, business visit or other means of deepening the subject
- Language workshop where the students learn either Swedish or English communication under the guidance of a teacher
- Learning session, where students form a new learning task and set goals for themselves
- Workshop where the teacher prepares the content and the working methods which support it, according to the subject and the progress of the learning processes.
During the distance learning you will learn using the following methods:
- Independent acquisition of information about the learning task and the online discussion supporting it
- Doing exercises related to a learning task
- Reading literature that supports the subject of the module, writing an essay
- Implementing a project or development task related to the module (this can take place, for example, at a workplace in order to meet for its needs) and reporting
- Learning cell work
- Preparing for the workshops or other tasks related to the module theme.

May participate in any course if there is room in the group and they have the prior knowledge required.

Prior university studies may be accredited as part of the degree. These cases will be discussed with the teacher tutor at the beginning of and during the studies. Applications are made through the system found in TAMK Intra.
If you have competence that corresponds to the content of the curriculum, through other previous education or work experience, you can demonstrate them and thus incorporate your previously acquired competences into the degree. This so-called AHOT (recognition of prior learning) process is reviewed in discussions at the beginning of and during the studies. The methods for demonstrating competence are agreed with the teachers in charge of the individual courses, in accordance with TAMK's AHOT principles.

You will be encouraged to apply for student exchange. It is recommended that you do the exchange during your 2nd to 4th year of studies. The credits awarded through the exchange are added to the degree with their original course names and extent. They will replace the studies that you would have done in Finland during the exchange period, unless otherwise agreed.

An adult student usually conducts their practical training at their own workplace, if the work is in the field of the degree programme and it is on a BBA level.

The second national language, oral and written, must be demonstrated during studies. In the curriculum, this is included in Swedish language courses.