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Degree Programme in Business Administration, Full-time Studies, Tampere

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School years 1 2 3 4
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Basic and Professional Studies
Business Planning
Business Environment 5
Marketing and Communication 5
Starting Up Business
Financial Administration 5
Exercising Business
The Profitable Firm 5
Successful Sales Work 5
Basics of Business 5
Developing Business
Financial Admistration Competence 5
Sales Development 5
Professional Coaching 1 5
Coaching a Firm 5
Language Studies I
Professional Swedish for BBA Studies, Spoken 2
Professional Swedish for BBA Studies, Written 3
Professional English for BBA Studies 5
Compulsory Professional Studies
Professional Coaching 2 3  
Research Work Methods 7  
Digital Business Tools 7  
Intercultural Communication Skills 3  
Professional Coaching 3 2    
Projects 5    
Language Studies I
(Select 0 cr)
Elementary German 5  
Elementary French 5  
Elementary Russian 5  
Advanced German 1 5  
Advanced French 1 5  
Advanced Russian 1 5  
Marketing and Sales Professional Studies
Customer Experience Management 5  
Digital Selling and Marketing 5  
Successful Sales 5  
Planning and Implementing E-commerce 5  
International Brand Strategy 5    
Graphic Communication 5    
International Selling and Marketing 5    
Managing Sales and Sales Teams 5    
Strategic Marketing 5    
Marketing in Social Media 3    
Financial Administration Professional Studies
Financing and Investments 5  
Improving Profitability 5  
Accounting and Taxation 5  
Managing Company Operations with ERP Systems 5  
Company Valuation and Risk Management 5    
Financial Management 5    
Special Issues in Financial Accounting 5    
Financial Information Systems and Business Intelligence 5    
Corporate Taxation 5    
Financial Communication 3    
HR and Management Professional Studies
Basis of the Supervisory Work 5  
Working Community Skills and Application of the Labor Law 5  
Occupational Well-being, Occupational Health and Safety, Safety at Work 5  
Payroll Management 3  
Basics of Project Management 5  
Advanced Project Management 5    
Supervisory Clinic 5    
Measuring the Leadership / Supervisory Work, Systems and Tools 5    
Themes of the Leadership 5    
Leadership Trends and the Future (Seminar) 5    
Jurisprudence Professional Studies
Basics of Public Law 5  
Law of Obligations 5  
Market Law 5  
Personal Taxation 5  
Environmental Law 5  
Criminal and Procedural Law 5    
Law of Property 5    
Labour and Civil Servant Law 5    
Administrative Law 5    
Family and Inheritance Law 5    
Introduction to International and European Law 3    
Other Professional Studies
Literature-based Study Credit 10    
Computer Simulated Management Game 5    
Russia as a Market Area 5    
Business Responsibility and Sustainable Development 5    
Business Case Consulting Training 5    
Free Choice Studies
(Select 15 cr)
Practical Training
Practical Training 30    
Bachelor’s Thesis
Getting Started on the Thesis 5    
Writing up the Thesis 10      
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The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

As a Bachelor of Business Administration, you will have a broad and up-to-date knowledge of business and - depending on your specialization - in marketing and sales, financial management, jurisprudence or HR and management. You can work in multicultural networks as a developer of your field. You work innovatively, utilizing digital methods and tools, and know how to evaluate and develop your own skills as well as the skills of your work community.

In the BBA study programme, you will find out how the different business areas work and how they are developed in the digital and international environment. You will learn the latest tools and applications needed in the field. Through practical business projects, events and training, you will form contacts and create a network of your own in the business world. Internationality is part of your studies and, if you wish, you can do your practical training abroad or become an exchange student at our numerous partner universities.

As a BBA, you can work, for example, in expert positions, as a supervisor or manager, or in different industries, depending on your specialisation. You are well equipped to work in international environments and managerial positions, or as an entrepreneur.

The value base of the study programme
After having completed TAMK's BBA studies, you will be a proactive, multidisciplinary, flexible, cooperative, international and ICT-skilled business professional capable of independent development in your profession. Having acquired work experience, you will have the prerequisites to work in expert and managerial positions, which require business expertise, or as an independent entrepreneur in the changing business environment.

Teaching methods
Full-time study in large and small groups.
Teaching methods include working in a learning company (simulated virtual firm), coaching, contact teaching, development discussions, group work, projects, assignments, essays, reports, company visits, cases, online learning, exams.

Content of the studies
First year: Practical tasks in business administration can be practiced through applying theory in the Kykylaakso company (virtual firm simulation). Working life skills are learned within the virtual firm, through other teaching methods and at meetings with the coach. The coach helps the individuals and the virtual firm team to develop and directs the virtual firm in the first year. The coaching continues until the end of the studies. Much of the studies are carried out in teams and the teams are also used for practicing community skills. First-year studies focus on business fundamentals and language learning. Learning takes place through by studying theory and by doing. In the spring of the first the students will choose their specialisations.

Second year: The second year of studies focus in digital tools, internationalization and research tools. In addition, another foreign language will be studied. The specialisation studies begin in the spring of the second year. Expertise is expanded with optional and free choice studies. Coaching focuses on developing job search skills.

Third and fourth year: During the third and fourth year of study, expertise will be expanded through studies, practical learning projects and training. The coaching focuses on supporting graduation and building individual career paths. The thesis is mostly carried out as an assignment for a company or other community, and research and development competence is demonstrated through the thesis work.

Students are encouraged to complete part of their studies or practical training abroad. International exchange is usually done during the 3rd academic year.
In case of problems, there will be help from the coach, peer tutors, guidance counsellor, Head of the degree programme, teachers, thesis supervisors, and student affairs coordinator. The contents of the courses are presented in the study guide and in the course-specific implementation plans. Courses are evaluated on a scale of 1-5, unless otherwise stated.

Structure of studies
Basic and professional studies 150 cr
Practical training 30 cr
Free choice studies 15 cr
Bachelor’s thesis 15 ECTS
Total 210 credits