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Degree Programme in Business Administration, Legal Expertise, Tampere

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School years 1 2 3 4
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Basic Functions of a Firm
Setting up a Firm 10
Running a Firm 15
The Profitable Firm 10
Developing the Firm 10
Skills and Competences for Working Life 1 5
Language Studies I
Professional Swedish for BBA Studies, Spoken 2
Professional Swedish for BBA Studies, Written 3
Professional English for BBA Studies 5
Compulsory Professional Studies
Research and Development 5  
Communication skills 2  
Legal Swedish 4  
Legal English for BBA Studies 4  
Financial Management and Investment 10  
Customer Relationship Management 5    
Compulsory Specialisation Studies
Basics of Public Law 5
Administrative Law 5  
Labour and Civil Servant Law 5  
Family and Inheritance Law 5    
Property Law 10    
Criminal and Procedure Law 5  
Law Concerning Persons 5  
Insolvency Law 5  
EU and International Issues 5    
Optional Specialisation Studies
(Select 10 cr)
Community Law 5    
Marketing Law 5    
Competition and Public Procurement 5  
Personal Taxation 5  
Environmental Law 5    
Law & Practise 5  
Financial Planning and Reporting 5    
Financial Management in Diverse Organisations 5    
Sound Accounting and Financial Statement Procedure 5    
Corporate Finance 5    
Marketing Planning and Management 5    
(Select 15 cr)
(Select 30 cr)
Practical Training 30  
Getting Started on the Thesis 5    
Writing up the Thesis 10      
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The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Head of the Program Milja Valtonen
The title of the graduating students of Degree Programme in Business Administration is Bachelor of Business Administration. The degree is comparable with equivalent degrees in other EU countries. The extent of the Degree Programme in Business Administration is 210 credits (cr).

Option of Legal Expertise
Competences developed
Graduated Bachelors of Business Administration have the knowledge and skills needed in expert tasks of business life and public administration. They can develop their own professional field.

Professional status
Bachelors of Business Administration can work in state, municipal and business life tasks demanding legal and business expertise.
Structure of degree programme and key contents

The degree programme consists of core studies, professional studies, which include practical training to enhance professional skills, and bachelor´s thesis. The education is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and local judicial administration.
Key focus of the studies is on jurisprudence of public law, which is supported by management, financial administration, marketing as well as data processing, language and communication studies.

During the supervised practical training, students learn to know the practices of judicial administration or some other organisation and can apply their legal competence in practical work tasks. The Ministry of Justice supports and helps students in finding practical training places. The bachelor´s thesis is often based on the needs of the practical training place.

Teaching methods
Teaching methods include lectures, exercises, group works, study visits, projects, field studies and virtual studies.
Structure of degree programme
Learning outcomes and aims of programme/academic year
During the first-year studies, students gain a general view of different fields of entrepreneurship, legal thinking and main fields of law.

During the second- and third-year studies, students deepen their knowledge of legal thinking, sources of law, Finnish and European Union legal systems and main fields of law.
In the autumn period of the fourth year students can apply their skills in free choice studies, practical training and bachelor’s thesis.
Basic- and Professional studies 150 cr
Free choice studies 15 cr
Practical training 30 cr
Bachelor´s thesis 15 cr
In total 210 cr