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Studies for Exchange Students, Degree Programme in Media and Arts, Music Production

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Autumn Semester 2022
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Music Production and Music Business
(Select 6 pieces)
Music Production 5
Music Business 5
Mixing and Mastering 5
Music Production Project 1 5
Music Production Project 2 5
+ 19DMA Music Production Optional Professional Courses 0              
Advanced Sound Design Workshop 5              
Advanced Live Event Workshop 5              
Advanced Music Production Workshop 5              
Advanced IPR workshop 3              
Visual design for events 3              
Advanced popular music theory 3              
Game Sound Design Workshop 5              
Event Management and Marketing 5              
Content Design Workshops 5              
Advanced Songwriting 5              
Networked Media Culture 5              
Emerging Trends in Visual Design for Live Events 5              
Experimental Song Writing and Music Production 5              
Special Skills in Studio Technique 3              
Occupational Finnish for Foreigners 5              
Emerging Media in Music and Event Production
(Select 6 pieces)
Sound Design in Emerging Media Productions 5
Music Production in Emerging Media Productions 5
New Live Event Sound Production Solutions 5
Emerging Media Project 1 5
Emerging Media Project 2 5
60 / 11060 / 11060 / 060 / 5560 / 5560 / 060 / 0
The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

The focus of the programme is to provide up to date competences in continuously changing and growing international and global Media and Arts sector.

The students learn about current media and art issues utilising three main study paths: Interactive Media study path, Music Production study path and Fine Art study path.

Main study paths are divided into sub study paths (e.g Game design, Music business, Applied fine art) and choosing studies across other main or sub study paths is possible. The curriculum contains also large shared parts and projects between these study paths and other Art, Music and Media related Degree Programmes.

The general aim of the studies is that students become professionals who are able to work as experts, developers and entrepreneurs in the field, both in Finland and abroad.

The study path Music Production gives the competences required for demanding professional work in one or more of the following areas of application: music production and music business, song writing, sound design, event production and cultural export.

The objective is that the graduate:
- Is capable of creative and applicable solutions
- Masters the articulation, working methods and technology of her/his speciality
- Is able to act professionally in the typical communication and interaction situations of the field
- Can design and head media and art related productions and act as member of a team
- Has the competence to enter both domestic and international labour markets as a professional and as an entrepreneur