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Degree Programme in Business Information Systems, Tampere

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Basic Skills for the ICT Field
Introduction to ICT Field and Team Work 10
Computerised Logics 3
Operating Systems, Machine Technology and Information Security 3
Office Software and Document Management 3
Spreadsheet Calculation and Databases 3
Introduction to Networking 4
Principles and Applications of Project Work 3
Product Development Project
Managing an Agile ICT Project 3
Building Project Infrastructure 3
Digital Graphics 3
WWW Technologies 3
Introduction to Programming 6
Working Life Skills in the ICT Field 5
Languages and Communication
English 5
Swedish, Writing skills 2  
Swedish, Spoken Skills 1  
Meeting and Negotiation Skills 3
Training and Communication Skills 3  
Project and Service Business Skills
Managing ICT Projects 5    
Business Models 5  
Sales 5    
Project: Developing ICT-Service 5    
R&D&I Methods
Development Methods in Bachelor’s Thesis Work 5    
Research and Innovation Methods 5    
(Choose one)
Game Development
Game Analysis 3  
Browser Game Technologies 4  
Browser Game Project 5  
Game Design 3  
3D-modelling 5                                                  
Mobile Game Technologies 5                                                  
Mobile Game Project 5                                                  
Usability 3  
Databases 4  
Defining and Designing software 3  
Network Services
Operating System Service Architectures 15  
Routing Protocols and Concepts 3  
LAN Switching and Wireless 3  
Accessing the WAN and Network Implementation Project 4                                                  
CCNA Security 5                                                  
Implementing IP Routing 5                                                  
Implementing IP Switching 5                                                  
Routing and Switching Essentials 4                                                  
Scaling Networks 4                                                  
Connecting Networks 4                                                  
ICT services for the Health Care Industry
Usability 3  
Databases 4  
Defining and Designing software 3  
Building a Dynamic Web Service 6  
Project: Implementing a Dynamic Web Service 4                                                  
Service System in the Health Care and Becoming an ICT Professional of Health Care 5  
Electronic Patient Data Systems 5  
Information Transmission between Organisations in the Data Systems of Health Care 5                                                  
Medical Informatics 5                                                  
Software Development
Usability 3  
Databases 4  
Defining and Designing software 3  
Object Oriented Programming 6  
Programming Graphic User Interface 3  
Project: Building Software 4  
Building a Dynamic Web Service 6    
Project: Implementing a Dynamic Web Service 4    
Mobile Programming 1 7    
Elective Professional Studies
(Select 14 cr)
Maintaining and Troubleshooting IP Networks 5                                                  
Introduction to Open Source Operating Systems 5                                                  
Open Source OS Services 5  
Managing Information Risks in an Enterprise 5                                                  
Integrated Data Network Services in an Enterprise 6                                                  
Copyrights 3                                                  
Following Media 5                                                  
3D Game Graphics and Animation 4                                                  
Console Game Technologies 6    
Project: Console Game 7    
Interactive Project 10                                                  
New Trends in Digital Media 5                                                  
Demola Project 10                                                  
Producing an Internet Service 4                                                  
Software Testing 3    
Version Control in Software Production 3  
Project: Software Publishing 5                                                  
Mobile Programming 2 5    
New Trends in Software Production 5                                                  
Server Programming 5                                                  
Expanding Programming Skills 5    
Game Programming 3                                                  
Floworks Projects 6                                                  
Project Studies 1 10                                                  
Implementing Web-application with Javascript Framework 3                                                  
(Select 15 cr)
Practical Training 30  
Bachelor’s Thesis 15      
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The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Degree Programme in Business Information Systems, Tampere
Youth education leading to Bachelor’s Degree
Name of the Degree Programme: Degree Programme in Business Information Systems
Qualification: Bachelor of Business Administration, 210 cr, 3,5 years
Implementation method: full-time study
Unit: Business Information Systems Kuntokatu 3
Campus address: Kuntokatu 3, 33520 Tampere
Education manager: Jussi Ylänen
Applicability: See TAMK www-pages and applicability for Bachelor’s degree programmes
Skills produced by the degree programme
The Degree Programme in Business Information Systems enables the students’ growth into ICT professionals. The aim is to train enterprising, collaborative and self-developing ICT professionals in close collaboration with the working life.
Flexible curriculum and diverse focus areas offer the students good opportunities to specialise in the fields they are most interested in.
Focus areas of the degree programme include: digital entertainment and services (e.g. game development) software production and testing, data network and server system services, information security, rapid application and development of new technologies, data systems of the health care industry, working in the customer interface and ICT entrepreneurship.
Business skills have a strong place in the degree programme. This creates a good premise for the students to work in companies in expert tasks or as independent entrepreneurs.
The students begin their studies in teams under the guidance of a coach. In the beginning of studies, the focus is on the basic contents of different ICT focus areas through projects and team learning. The studies also cover the necessary team work skills as well as good written and spoken communication in Finnish and in English.
As the studies progress, the students deepen their skills in the focus areas of their choosing. Working life connections are constantly developed by carrying out projects for different organisations, a 5-month practical training and writing a practical Bachelor’s thesis which demonstrates skills in the students’ own field.
After graduation, the students have excellent employment opportunities either in ICT companies or in various organisations which utilise ICT, depending on the students’ skills profile.
In the Basic studies, the basic abilities of the utilisation of Information Technology are developed in versatile ways. The Basic studies include also communication and language studies.
In Professional studies, the students build their own set of skills from studies of Business Information Systems and supplement them, if desired, by studying abroad, by project studies or studies from other degree programmes. The students must complete at least 70 credits worth of studies in the Degree Programme in Business Information Systems. 14 credits worth of professional studies may consist of professional studies from any degree programme.
The aim of elective studies is to give the students opportunities to study interesting topics from other degree programmes besides the Business Administration degree programmes. The students may select 15 credits worth of university level studies from the whole course selection of TAMK or other educational institutions. The students may complete their elective courses at any time during their studies.
Practical training is 20 weeks of full-time work in a company or an organisation. The aim of the practical training is to familiarise the students with the most important tasks of their field and to enable them to apply their skills in the working life.
The Bachelor’s thesis is a development task related to the practical work.
Structure of studies
Basic studies 66 cr
Professional studies 84 cr
Practical training 30 cr
Elective studies 15 cr
Bachelor’s thesis 15 cr
Total 210 cr