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Degree Programme in Business Administration, Tampere

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School years 1 2 3 4
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Skills and Competences for Working Life 1
Skills and Competences for Working Life 1 5
The Well-run Enterprise
Setting up a Business Enterprise 10
Running a Business Enterprise 15
The Profitable Business Enterprise 10
Developing the Business Enterprise 10
Language Studies 1
Swedish Language, Spoken 2
Swedish Language, Written 3
English 5
Skills and Competences for Working Life 2
Skills and Competences for Working Life 2 5  
Skills and Competences for Working Life 3 5    
The Succesful Business
Profitable Customer Relations 10  
Accounting and Finance Processes 10  
Functioning Organisation 10  
Research- and Development-Oriented Professional
Basics of Research and Development 10  
Project Management and Organizational Communication 5  
Language Studies 2
Elementary German 5  
Elementary Spanish 5  
Elementary French 5  
Elementary Russian 5  
Basic German 5  
Basic Spanish 5  
Basic French 5  
Basic Russian 5  
Intermediate German 5  
Intermediate Russian 5  
A Computer Simulated Management Game
Computer Simulated Management Game 5    
Elective Professional Studies
(Select 25 cr)
Advanced Project Management 25  
Advanced Project Management 25                                                  
A Business-related Project 5    
Graphic Communication 5    
Marketing Planning and Management 10    
Sales Management 5    
Integrated Communication 10    
E-commerce 10    
Face-to-face Interaction in International Business 5                                                  
Retail Trade 5                                                  
Tourism Marketing 5                                                  
Resource Planning Systems, Advanced Course 5    
German Language and Culture 5                                                  
Wirtschaftsdeutsch International 5                                                  
Financial Steering 10    
Corporate Finance 10    
Accounting and Taxation 10    
Business Control and Enterprise Resource Planning 5                                                  
International Marketing 5    
Asian-studies 25    
Studies in an Exchange Programme Abroad 20    
Literature-based Study Credit 1      
Guest Lectures 1      
Human Resource Management 5    
Personal Taxation 5    
Marketing Tutoring 2                                                  
International Tutoring 2                                                  
Callidus Tutoring 2                                                  
Peer Tutoring 3                                                  
(Select 30 cr)
Practical Training 30    
International Practical Training 30    
Bachelor's Thesis 15      
60 / 6060 / 112.560 / 222.560 / 1760 / 32.560 / 27.560 / 52.560 / 6060 / 12060 / 102.560 / 1760 / 16.360 / 16.360 / 13.860 / 13.860 / 26.360 / 26.360 / 3060 / 3060 / 6060 / 6060 / 51.360 / 51.360 / 8.560 / 8.5
The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Name of the degree programme


Scope and duration
210 cr, 3,5 years

Business School, Kuntokatu 3

Head of the Programme :
Riitta-Liisa Arpiainen

Applicability: See TAMK www-pages and applicability for Bachelor’s degree programmes

In the BBA study programme at TAMK Business School, the focal points are collaborative learning, the combination of theory with practice, and the development of worklife competences. Qualities which employers appreciate are the ability and willingness to learn, receptiveness to change, flexibility, time management skills, the ability to listen and discuss, and the ability to interpret information purposefully. Graduates of TAMK Business School have a clear overall concept of how business operates, and are ready to get down to work with enthusiasm and dedication. A firm grounding in fundamental knowledge and practical skills, self-assurance, and a positive attitude together provide a sound basis for on-going learning, both at work and in other life areas.


The aim of the Business School study programme is to provide students with an overall view of the skills and competences needed in business life today. The programme comprises study modules of between 5-15 ECTS credit units in scope. In the first year, students acquire a strong understanding of the basic principles of business operations. After that, they go on to select from a range of study options. One possibility is to focus on a particular professional area from a range of options including international trade, marketing and communication, financial management, and project management. Those wishing to specialise in entrepreneurship can select the proAkatemia option towards the end of the first year of study. Students also have the option of selecting professional study modules from other study programmes offered at TAMK.

Students learn to apply theory in practice right from the start, as they establish and operate a fictional Practice Enterprise. Worklife skills and competences are developed through students* work on this Practice Enterprise, through other modes of learning, and in collaborative learning sessions under the guidance of a team coach. In addition to supervising work on the Practice Enterprise throughout the first year, the coaches have an on-going role in promoting individual and team learning. Within their teams, students learn together and practice their collaboration skills.

Project work is one of the priorities of the Business School study programme, and every student can collect a significant number of ECTS credit points by doing project work. Students with a special interest in project management can specialise in that field by selecting the extensive Project Expertise module together with other modules which involve planning and carrying out projects.

TAMK Business School graduates are versatile, flexible and co-operative business professionals, with excellent language and IT skills. They are full of initiative and are capable of developing themselves independently on an on-going basis. Once they have gained some work experience, they are well qualified to work in today's constantly changing business environment, either as knowledgeable employees, or as independent entrepreneurs. Our top priority is the employability of our graduates. The Business School study programme is designed and implemented in close co-operation with representatives of business life.


The TAMK Business School study programme is made up of foundation studies (60 ECTS credit points), professional studies (90 ECTS credit points), free choice studies (15 ECTS credit points), work placement (30 ECTS credit points) and a final thesis (15 ECTS credit points). In their first year of study, students concentrate on learning the basic principles of business operations, and on improving their language skills. A theoretical approach is combined with learning-by-doing. In addition, students participate in coaching sessions, which are held throughout the programme of study (see the Skills and Competences for Working Life module). Students who wish to focus on entrepreneurship can select the proAkatemia programme, which starts in the fourth period of year 1.

In year 2, the study programme goes into the various aspects of business operations in greater depth and detail. Students are also introduced to project management, and carry out a research and business development project. In addition, they begin, or continue study of a second foreign language. Those with a particular interest in project management can apply at the beginning of year 2 to participate in the extensive Project Expertise module, which starts in the spring of year 2.

In their 3rd year of study, students collect 35 ECTS credit points from a free selection of any modules which interest them from among those offered in the Business School, or other study programmes. (This does not apply to students who have selected proAkatemia or Project Expertise.) 15 of the 35 points can be "imported" from studies at other institutions of higher education. Also in the 3rd year, students do their work placement, and start work on their final thesis.

In the final year, students complete their final thesis and any other outstanding work. The compulsory 5-point module, a Computer Simulated Management Game, is normally done in year 4.


By participating in the TAMK Business School study programme, students learn how to function in business life. In addition to providing excellent education in languages, IT, and written and oral communication, this study programme inculcates into students the habit of planning and keeping to schedules, co-operation skills, and the ability to access, evaluate, and deploy useful information. Setting and reaching personal study goals is the responsibility of each individual student. Students are encouraged to take part in international study exchange programmes, and/or do all or part of their work placement abroad. ECTS points earned this way can be accredited in full at TAMK Business School.

If a problem should arise with their studies, students can get help from a number of sources; the coaches, teachers, study counsellors, final thesis supervisors, study secretaries, student tutors, and the Head of Programme are all there to help. Useful information is available on the following website: Click on the "In English" and "Studies" links.

The contents of each module are presented in detail in separate module guides, which are distributed to students at the beginning of the academic year. Student performance on each module is graded on a scale of 1-5, unless otherwise stated.