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Degree Programme in Vehicle Technology

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Basic Engineering Skills
Orientation and Basics of IT Systems 3
Free Choice Studies
Introduction to Vehicle Laboratory 2
Basic Automotive Technology
Vehicle Materials and Manufacturing 5
Basics of 3D-modeling 3
Natural Sciencies for Automotive and Industrial Vehicle Technology
Automotive and Industrial Vehicle Technical Skills
Vehicle Component Analysis 5
Hydraulics 5
Industrial Vehicle Engineering Studies
Design and Printing of 3D-models 3
Automotive and Industrial Vehicle Advanced Technical Skills
Automotive Laboratory 1 3  
Power Transmission 5  
Motor Vehicle Dynamics 5  
Practical Training 1 5
Garage Engineering Studies
Customer Service 5  
Automotive and Industrial Vehicle Advanced Natural Sciences
Free Choice Studies
Industrial Vehicle Engineering Studies
Autotechnisches Deutsch 4  
Automotive and Industrial Vehicle Construction and Strength
English for Vehicle Engineering Professionals 3  
Industrial Vehicle and Garage Engineering Studies
Vehicle Body Construction 3  
Industrial Vehicle and Intelligent Machines Engineering Studies
Automotive and Industrial Vehicle Electrical Engineering
Engine Technology 5  
Automotive and Industrial Vehicle Electronics 10  
Intelligent Machines Studies
Garage Technology Advanced Studies
Garage Engineering 4    
Garage Economics 4    
Vehicle Inspection 4    
Industrial Vehicle and Garage Engineering Studies
Vehicle Suspension and Steering 5    
Automotive Laboratory 2 5    
Car and Industrial Vehicle Advanced Studies 1
Practical Training 2 10  
Industrial Vehicle Engineering Studies
Industrial Vehicle and Intelligent Machines Engineering Studies
Automobile Energy Engineering 3    
Garage Technology Practical Learning
Work Based Learning 30    
Intelligent Machines Advanced Studies 1
Freely Chosen Courses of Own Curriculum 5    
Intelligent Machines Advanced Studies 2
Freely Chosen Courses of Own Curriculum 5    
Intelligent Machines Supplementary Studies
Automotive and Industrial Vehicle Engineering Advanced Studies 2
Component Modeling and Manufacturing 4    
Formula Student Project Planning 3    
Vehicle Engineering 5    
Working as a Manger in the Automotive and Vehicle Industry
Management and Leadership 5      
Freely Chosen Courses 5      
Automotive and Industrial Vehicle Supplementary Studies
Freely Chosen Studies 10      
Practical Training 3 15    
Industrial Vehicle and Garage Engineering Studies
Automotive Engineering Work Place Studies 2      
Industrial Vehicle Engineering Studies
Electric Vehicles and Electrical Power Transmission 3      
Automobile Engineering Practical Measurements 2      
Vehicle Construction
Formula Student Project Learning 6      
Bachelor’s Thesis
Bachelor’s Thesis 15      
60 / 3160 / 5360 / 9260 / 4860 / 1360 / 1860 / 2760 / 2660 / 3060 / 6260 / 37.560 / 10.560 / 6.560 / 6.560 / 960 / 960 / 13.560 / 13.560 / 1360 / 1360 / 1560 / 1560 / 3160 / 3160 / 18.7560 / 18.7560 / 5.2560 / 5.25
The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

The program prepares students for engineering jobs in the modern and environmentally friendly automotive industry. Automotive jobs often deal with the business side of after sales in service, spare parts and car inspection. Manufacturing jobs can vary from after sales into engineering. Environmental aspects are an important theme in education for example in materials science, vehicle inspections and component recycling.

The program values are according to the oath of Archimedes: Engineers are involved in creating technology that will benefit nature and people. Engineers are in all their activities to protect plant, animal and human life. Engineers avoid dishonesty and discord, and aim to become more skilled problem solvers. Engineers consider the trends of development, and avoid harmful goals.

Modern vehicle and garage software are used in education and students learn about vehicle digital technology.

All students have a change to practice their skills in the international Formula Student project which culminates in the competition against other similar student teams from other universities.

Students have an opportunity to organize and participate into the annual international co-operation week.

1st year. Students master the mathematical and physical basis of automotive engineering and as trainees familiarize themselves with the working life between first and second study years.

2nd year. Students master the basis of automotive engineering and as trainees familiarize themselves with the automotive industry .

3rd year. Students majoring in industrial vehicle engineering study engineering methods and software and train in engineering jobs and projects. Students majoring in garage engineering study automotive business in theory and in practice and train in business jobs. Students majoring in intelligent machines study intelligent machine development.

4th year. Students majoring in industrial vehicle engineering practice vehicle engineering in the Formula Student project. Students majoring in garage engineering practice marketing and vehicle construction in the Formula Student project and study business economics. Students majoring in intelligent machines specialize in intelligent machine development.