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Degree Programme in Service Management

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School years 1 2 3 4
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Learning to be a Professional
Information Technology 3
Orientation to Studies and Internal Entrepreneurship 2
Communication Skills 5
Service Production
Basics of Service 21
Operational Environment 6
Service Situations
Customer Service and Interpersonal Networks 6
Service Situations 5
English 5
Swedish 5  
Swedish, Oral Skills 0                                                        
Swedish, Written Skills 0                                                        
Introduction to Research 3  
Cleaning Technology 8  
Planning of Cleaning Services 8    
Management of Interaction 6  
Planning and Control of Catering Services 8  
Successful and Profitable Entrepreneurship 14  
From Business Idea to Service Enterprise 14  
Management of Service Situations 7    
Social Responsibility 8  
Functional Facility Design 8  
Development Activity 8    
Cultures and Customs 6  
Cultures and Customs 6  
Restaurant Activity 8    
Food Production Information System and CRM in Catering Services 8    
Nutrition and Health 8    
Facility Management 6    
Enterprise Projects 14  
Operating Environment of Facility Management 8    
Product Development and Marketing 10    
Nutritional Care 6  
Food and Media 6    
Nutritional Care 6  
Basics of Information Technology 2  
Operational Environment of Grocery Shops 5  
Preparation Studies, English 3  
Preparation Studies, Swedish 3  
Clean Room Work and Cleanliness of Indoor Air 5  
Facility Management 5  
Local and Organic Food 5  
Finnish Cuisine and Customs 5                                                        
Café Products Attractively 5                                                        
Alcohol Legislation in Finland 1                                                        
Practical Training 1 15
Practical Training 2 15      
Bachelor's Thesis 15      
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The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Degree Programme in Service Management

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Extent and duration
The extent of the education is 210 credits (cr) and it lasts for 3.5 years

Implementation method
youth education: full-time study
adult education: multi-modal?

School of Business and Services
Kuntokatu 3
33520 Tampere

Director of education
Ari-Pekka Anttila

Education manager
Satu Kylmälä

Eligibility: see TAMK’s websites on application and eligibility for bachelor’s degrees at

Competences developed
The degree programme provides extensive abilities for working in catering and facility services. Graduates of the degree programme can plan, organise, develop and market catering and/or facility services as well as work in supervisory duties. They can work in field-related supervisory, counselling, marketing, communications, planning and education tasks requiring language skills or as independent entrepreneurs.

Professional status
Graduates work in public administration organisations and private enterprises. In catering services graduates work e.g. in supervisory and product development tasks of catering and food service production (their professional titles can be e.g. food service manager, restaurant manager and service manager). In facility services graduates work in expert tasks related to facility sanitation, facility services and environmental care (their professional titles can be e.g. cleaning supervisor, development planner, sales negotiator, service supervisor and cleaning manager).

Basic values of education
Basic values of the Degree Programme in Service Management are know-how in wellbeing, aesthetics, networking and hospitality. The basis is formed by the ability to recognise basic rules of customer behaviour and changes in behaviour. Know-how in wellbeing means production of wholesome, safe and cost-effective services promoting the wellbeing of customers and work communities. The focus is on knowledge of the line of business and ability to consider aesthetic viewpoints in services and understand hospitality as an essential value and success factor.

Teaching methods
The studying takes place by applying the problem-based learning approach. Learning and competence are evaluated by reviewing the social skills, theoretical knowledge, practical skills and evaluation skills.

Learning outcomes of programme / academic year
After the first year, students can implement catering and sanitation services in accordance with the given instructions and recognise client-oriented service situation features from the viewpoint of service quality and costs.
After the second year students can consider factors affecting profitable operation through catering or facility service processes.
After the third and fourth years students can independently plan, organise and evaluate catering or facility service situations. During the studies students deepen their know-how in service cultures, service systems, service management, business operation and service production and management environment.

Structure of degree programme?
Core studies 10 cr
Professional studies 110 cr
Optional professional studies 30 cr
Practical training 30 cr
Elective studies 15 cr
Bachelor’s thesis 15 cr
In total 210 cr