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Degree Programme in Tourism, Ikaalinen

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Learning to be a Professional
Orientation to Studies and Internal Entrepreneurship 2
Information Technology 3
Swedish, Written Skills 0                                                        
Swedish, Oral Skills 0                                                        
Communication Skills
Communication Skills 5
(Select 140 cr)
Introduction to Tourism and Its Environment
Basics of Tourism 3
Social Environment of Tourism 3
Entrepreneurship in Tourism
Entrepreneurship in Tourism 2
Product Knowledge 1
Catering Services in Tourism Enterprises 2  
Tourism Marketing and Communication
Basics of Marketing in Service Enterprises 3
Marketing Communications of Tourist Services 2
Communication in Travel and Tourism 3  
Basics of Tourism Legislation
Tourism Legislation 2
Payroll Administration and Labour Legislation 2  
Alcohol Legislation 1
Tourism Administration
Organisation of Operations and Personnel Management 2  
Basics of Financial Accounting 3
Financial Management 2  
Business Mathematics 3
Domestic Tourism and Geography of Tourism
Geography of Tourism 4
Domestic Tourism 5  
Finnish Heritage and Culture 2  
Utilisation of Information Technology
Electronic Commerce 3  
Word Processing 1  
Graphics 1  
Research and Development Skills
Introduction to Research 3  
Introduction to Statistics 3  
Production and Management of Tourist Services
Service Activities and Product Development of Tourist Enterprises 5    
Development and Management of Tourist Enterprises 5    
Working in Tourist Enterprise 5    
Marketing of Tourist Services
International Cultures 3  
History of Restaurant Services 2  
International Marketing 3  
Future Trends in Tourism 2  
Marketing Research and Competitive Tools of Marketing for Tourist Enterprises 5  
Language Studies
(Select 24 cr)
Business Swedish in Tourism 3
English at Work for Travel and Tourism 3
Customer Service in Travel Agencies 3
Tourism in Swedish 3  
Information on Nordic Cultures and Societies 3                                                        
Business Communication in Tourism 3    
Travel and Tourism in English 3
Customer Service in Travel and Tourism 3  
Business Communication 3    
Focus on Finland and the Northern Dimension 3  
British Culture Near and Far 3    
Basics of German 3
Follow-up Course in German 3
Business Communication in Tourism 3
Customer Service 3  
Travelling 3    
Information on Cultures and Geography 3                                                        
Basics of Russian 3
Follow-up Course in Russian 3
Basics of Spanish 3
Follow-up Course in Spanish 3
Basics of Italian 3                                                        
Follow-up Course in Italian 3                                                        
Basics of French 3
Follow-up Course in French 3
(Select 30 cr)
Programme Services in Tourism and Nature and Rural Tourism 0                                                        
Nature Tourism 5  
Rural Tourism 5  
Adventure Tourism 5  
Production of Travel Agency and Transport Services 0                                                        
Travel Agency Work 5  
Amadeus reservation system 5  
Services of Transport Enterprises 5  
Production of Conference, Congress and Fair Services 0                                                        
Congress and Fair Services 5    
Public Relations of Events and Etiquette Course 5    
Congress and Fair Communication 5    
Project Studies 0                                                        
Project Works 15    
(Select 15 cr)
Preparation Studies, English 3
Preparation Studies, Swedish 3
Practical Training 1 15  
Practical Training 2 15    
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The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Degree Programme in Tourism, Ikaalinen

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Extent and duration
The extent of the education is 210 credits and it lasts for 3.5 years.

Implementation method
Full-time study

School of Business and Services, Ikaalinen

Head of degree programme
Hanna Saraketo

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Competences developed
Tourism students gain an up-to-date and extensive tourism education, which also supports Tampere Region tourism strategies. Along with the strong basics and working life oriented professional studies, students become customer-oriented experts with entrepreneurial spirit and they have the ability to work as experts in the national and international tasks of the field of tourism.

Professional status
The graduates of the degree programme have the knowledge and skills needed for planning, practice, follow-up and development of tourism. Later in their careers, their occupational titles may be e.g. sales and marketing manager, reception manager, resort manager, production manager, programme manager, travel secretary, travel manager or tourism entrepreneur.

Basic values
The tourism education is based on the principles of sustainable development, multicultural learning environment and cooperation, and promotes understanding of our living environment and tolerance between different cultures.

Teaching methods
Teaching methods include lectures, exercises, group works, study visits, projects, field studies and virtual studies.

Learning outcomes of programme / academic year

First study year
Students learn to know the Finnish and international operating environment of tourism and can outline its essential fields. They understand the dimensions of tourism as a global phenomenon affecting societies economically, socio-culturally and environmentally and being easily and continuously affected by trends and other societal factors. Students have adopted the future-oriented nature of tourism development. Students master the basics of entrepreneurship and marketing and know the most essential legal issues of tourism. Students have basic knowledge of communication, information collection and processing.

Second study year
Students’ knowledge and skills in marketing and tourism administration deepen. Students can process information in a more versatile manner by means of information processing programmes and methods. They learn the research process phases as well as the style and rules of scientific writing. Their knowledge of cultures has expanded and students know tourism trends and can predict their development. Students can direct their studies by means of optional courses. Students are familiarised with working life and have contacts to diverse companies or organisations in the field.

Third study year
Students gain expertise in tourism business and entrepreneurship being able to think, solve problems and work independently. Their deepened skills in the optional course topics help for example in the selection of the bachelor’s thesis topic. In practical training, students can apply the learned into practice and are familiarised with the field-specific working life. Students can implement the bachelor’s thesis process.

Structure of studies
The degree programme consists of basic studies, professional studies, which include practical training to enhance professional skills, bachelor’s thesis and elective studies. Key study modules and focus areas include professional studies in tourism, management skills, entrepreneurship, communication skills, research of tourism, versatile language and culture studies and practical training in Finland or abroad.

Structure of Degree Programme in Tourism
Common basic studies 10 cr
Professional studies of degree programme 140 cr
Elective studies 15 cr
Practical training 30 cr
Bachelor’s thesis 15 cr
In all 210 cr