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Courses for Exchange Students Spring 2017, Media and Arts

IM00BS71 Advanced IPR workshop 3 op
AD00BZ62 Advanced Live Event Workshop 5 op
IM00CK76 Advanced Moving Image 5 op
AD00BZ61 Advanced Sound Design Workshop 5 op
IM00BR89 Advanced Web Design workshop 5 op
IM00CK49 Cinematic Artwork 5 op
IM00CK59 Colour Theory and History of Painting 5 op
IM00BS13 Content design workshops 5 op
IM00BS14 Cultural Export Project 1 5 op
IM00CL03 Cultural Export Project 2 5 op
IM00CK62 Drawing and Painting Project 1 5 op
IM00CK63 Drawing and Painting Project 2 5 op
IM00CK61 Drawing and Paper Based Techniques 5 op
IM00BR80 Graphics in Motion 5 op
IM00BS12 International Business Environment 5 op
IM00BS10 International Project Management 5 op
IM00CK52 Moving image project 1 5 op
IM00CK53 Moving image project 2 5 op
IM00CK51 Narratives in Moving Image 5 op
IM00BR78 Principles of Visual Communication 5 op
IM00CK71 Sketch Book seminar 5 op
IM00BR99 Sound Design Project 1 5 op
IM00CL00 Sound Design Project 2 5 op
IM00BR95 Sound Design Techniques for Games and Interactive Media 5 op
IM00BR96 Sound Design for Film 5 op
IM00BR97 Sound Design for Tv 5 op
IM00CK50 Video Installations 5 op
IM00BR79 Visual Design 5 op
IM00BR83 Visual Design Project 1 5 op
IM00CK96 Visual Design Project 2 5 op
IM00CV56 Web and App Design 5 op
IM00CV55 Web and App Design Theory 5 op
IM00CV57 Web and App Programming 5 op
IM00CV58 Web/App Design Project 1 5 op
IM00CV59 Web/App Design Project 2 5 op
IM00BS11 Working as a Producer 5 op